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2024 US elections, The new Biden plan for countering ageism

By triji Mar 9, 2024

The controversies that have arisen as a result of his advanced age (he is 81 years old), which have caused Democrats to feel a great deal of apprehension (due to the fact that the polls are so cruel, he is “too old for a second term” according to the majority of Americans), are forgotten for the duration of one night. The following is a quote from the president: “The question should not be how old we are. It’s because our concepts have been around for so long.

It was a significant first step toward the elections in the United States in 2024. We are being watched by history, and I will not bow down to Putin. I want to convey to President Putin a straightforward message: we will not leave, and we will not bow. I will not bow down. The assistance that Ukraine requests must be provided by us. The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, delivered a speech that lasted for one hour and half.

It was known as the State of the Union address, and it was delivered in front of members of Congress in the House of Representatives. He reiterated his call to unblock the sixty billion dollar package that includes aid and weapons for Kiev, which was one of the many topics that were discussed. However, the impression that Biden has left behind is most likely what will “remain” afterwards.

The controversies regarding his advanced age, which have caused Democrats to feel a great deal of apprehension (due to the fact that the polls are so cruel, he is “too old for a second term” according to the majority of Americans), are forgotten for the duration of one night. However, let’s move forward in steps.

The remarks made by Biden tonight

The first subject that the president discusses in his speech is going to be the nation’s foreign policy: Among the numerous attacks that Biden has made on Donald Trump, he has referred to him on multiple occasions as “my predecessor” without making any direct reference to the name. Biden’s attacks cover a wide range of topics, including economics, civil rights, and social policies.

With the stopwatch in hand, 19 minutes will be devoted to domestic politics, 14 minutes to the economy, 11 minutes to the elections in 2024, 11 minutes to healthcare and social security, and 10 minutes to foreign policy, which will be divided between China, Israel, Hamas, and Ukraine.

“History looked at us three years ago, when an uprising swept through these areas,” the historian said. During one of the most difficult days, many of you were present here. He recalls the election as “the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War.” “We all saw that those who rose up were not patriots, they were people who wanted to stop the peaceful transfer of power and overturn the will of the people,” he says, referring to the uprising that occurred after the election.

The United States of America put up a fight, and democracy emerged victorious. It is the argument that is being made against Trump that “you can’t love your country only when you win.” This is in addition to the fact that “a bipartisan security law” is required in order to break the impasse regarding aid to Ukraine and the issues that are occurring on the border with Mexico. Finally, there is the phrase “Putin who will not stop at Ukraine” as well as the plan to establish a temporary port in Gaza in order to make it easier for humanitarian aid to be delivered to the population.

During the election campaign, the age of Biden is a central issue.

On the other hand, there is no point in concealing it. His public appearances have become problematic, with slips, gaffes, and small accidents, and everyone’s curiosity was to see “how” Biden was doing. This curiosity was not limited to the United States of America. Over the course of the past few months, he has purposefully “avoided” golden opportunities to discuss his plans, which are opportunities that no politician would normally pass up.

Consider the interview that took place during the halftime show of the Super Bowl, a time-honored event in which the President of the United States engages in a free-flowing conversation with a journalist who is considered a “friend” during the most watched television program of the year. The previous month, Joe Biden favored remaining silent.

Despite the fact that he did not commit any wrongdoing tonight, he appeared to be more clear-headed and determined than ever before. There was a tremendous sigh of relief for the staff of the president. Among other things, he was unable to make a decision. It was no longer an option for him to suffer in silence because he was in a position where his back was against the wall.

According to the polls, he is a loser in seven out of seven swing states, and the margin of defeat is not even close to being statistically significant. It was time for Joe Biden to take a break. It is possible that he was present at that time. Additionally, Donald Trump is not a young man; he is 77 years old. He is not a young man.

The 81-year-old president, who is the oldest person to ever hold the office, addressed the issue of age head-on, saying, “I know it might not seem like it, but I’ve been around for a while.” Biden is well aware that the issue of age will continue to be a central issue during the campaign for the elections that will take place in November. When you reach my age, certain things become more obvious than they have ever been before. I am familiar with the history of the United States.

The contrast between the competing forces in the battle for the soul of our nation, between those who want to bring America back to the past and those who want to take America into the future, is something that I have witnessed time and time again, he continues.

Our age is not the issue at hand, my fellow citizens of the United States. However, how old are our concepts?

“Someone has told me that I am too old. For as long as I can remember, I have always been aware of what endures. Our North Star, the very American concept that we are all created equal and that we deserve to be treated the same way throughout our lives, is something that I have familiarized myself with. That concept has never been fully realized by our actions.

Never once have we even attempted to move away from it. As he continues to chant, “And I will not abandon it now.” “I am certain, with all sincerity, I am. My outlook is positive. I would like to address the question that our nation is not concerned with how old we are. Nevertheless, how old are our ideas? It is impossible to lead the United States of America with outdated ideas.

Going on the offensive and using the “problem” of age “to your advantage” is the strategy, which is both clear and ambitious. The previous evening, he was successful; however, he was not subjected to any form of cross-examination and was able to read the speech. The debates with Donald Trump, if they ever take place, will undoubtedly be a completely different story. This is something that is completely obvious.–65ec3b031be32#goto5155

By triji

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