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A £7.5 million English mansion sits near Prince Charles

By triji Jun 21, 2024

A magnificent and ancient rural house that is located in the heart of the English countryside next door to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall has recently been put up for sale, and the asking price is over £7.5 million (US$10.3 million). This property is ideal for wealthy home buyers who are interested in rubbing shoulders with royalty.

The 117-acre property is located close to Tetbury in the Cotswolds, which is a highly sought-after holiday destination in the United Kingdom that is renowned for its luxurious real estate offerings, protected landscapes, and upscale rural communities. According to the listing firm Strutt & Parker, the property was put up for sale for the very first time on Wednesday, marking the first time it has been advertised for sale since the owner’s family purchased it in 1949.

Robbie Williams has listed an English country estate that was formerly owned by the world-renowned architect Norman Foster.

Its expansive acreage, which is known as Elmestree House Estate, is adjacent to Highgrove, which is the house of Prince Charles in Gloucestershire. Highgrove is a property that is well-known for its enormous organic and sustainable gardens, which are said to get more than 30,000 visitors annually.

The eleven-bedroom manor home that is located at the center of Elmestree is a structure that was constructed in 1844 and can be reached through a private driveway that winds through the land that is located in the surrounding area.

The house has been given the Grade II listing, which is a distinction that identifies it as being historically significant and assures that any restorations or alterations are carried out in a manner that is consistent with its integrity and personality.

According to the agency, the home is in the process of being renovated and is replete with a multitude of period characteristics. These features include imposing wooden double front doors, a sweeping staircase, mullioned windows, ornate cornicing, and stone floors.

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Listing agent Matthew Sudlow, who is also the head of the Estates and Farm Agency at Strutt & Parker, stated that “family-owned estates such as Elmestree rarely come to the market and this estate is particularly special.”

He remarked that it was extraordinary to come across a house in this region of the world that was as architecturally unadulterated as Elmestree and that had a great deal of original characteristics.

The property is home to a variety of ancillary structures in addition to the manor house. These buildings include a farmhouse that dates back to the 17th century and has four bedrooms; an annex that is self-contained and has three bedrooms; a cottage that has two bedrooms; and a classic Cotswold-stone barn structure.

Additionally, there are ponds, gardens, lawns, pastures, and parkland, in addition to a small lake that is suitable for boating.

As a result of its location in ideal countryside in the Cotswolds and its closeness to Tetbury, a market town that is highly sought after, the property is “likely to attract attention from many different types of buyers,” according to Mr. Sudlow. These buyers include individuals from the United Kingdom as well as those from other countries who are searching for a private residence.

Having been put up for sale for the first time since just after the end of World War II in 1949, the Elmestree House estate, which spans 117 acres and is currently marketed for 7.5 million British pounds, has a significant claim to fame: In addition to the fact that William Brookes constructed the Elizabethan-style manor in the year 1844, it is situated in close proximity to Highgrove, which is a property that is very dear to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall in the Cotswolds. There is little doubt that the adage “love thy neighbor” is applicable to the situation of the Elmestree House estate. The home, which has eleven bedrooms, is a Grade II–listed property that is supported by a long-standing history, just like many other enormous mansions that can be found in the English countryside. Additions and renovations are responsible for a significant portion of the history of the building.

For instance, the manor itself was relatively recent in comparison to the adjoining farmhouse, which was also Grade II–listed and referred to as Farm End. Farm End was built in the middle of the 17th century. An English author named Francis Henry purchased the original home and constructed a straightforward wing that joined the two structures. This occurred nearly thirty years after the main house was constructed. The current owners of Elmestree House ultimately said goodbye to the historic structure after Henry sold it to them in 1949. Henry and his family continued to reside in Elmestree House until that year.

Even though the new owners won’t be able to wave to their neighbors, the prince of Wales and the duchess of Cornwall, they can take satisfaction in the fact that the two homes share a lengthy stretch of land that borders both estates. This is something that they can take use of. Similar to the royal house Highgrove, Elmestree is characterized by a number of architectural features that are peculiar to a certain time period. These features include imposing double entrance doors made of wood, a sweeping staircase that features a beautiful glass dome, mullioned windows, ornate cornicing, and stone floors that are always cold. Despite the fact that it has undergone multiple renovations, it nevertheless manages to keep a significant amount of that prized peaceful English rural aspect.

Nearly 20,000 square feet is comprised of the main house and all of its supplementary outbuildings, which include the stable block, the coach house, the traditional Cotswold stone barn, the quite substantial and self-contained, three-bedroom, circa-1900 annex, and the cowshed with its original rugged stone pillars, among other outbuildings. However, the garden, which is surrounded by a rustic stone barrier ha-ha and looks out over the entire estate behind it, is perhaps the most magnificent aspect of the estate that dates back hundreds of years. Even some very old fruit-bearing trees, potting sheds, and garden stores are included in the meticulously maintained landscape. These items are ready for, and possibly even require, some tender loving care from the new owners. In addition, there is an abundance of grasslands, parklands, and tiny bodies of water, such as little ponds and a small lake that is suitable for boating.–66751f19a7700#goto8373

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