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A man got a real wolf outfit for 22,000 euros.

By triji Jun 27, 2024

A Japanese company was given the responsibility of creating the outfit, and it took them fifty days to do so. With the intention of replicating the details and incorporating them into the outfit, the design team looked at actual photographs of wolves.

The story of a man who adored dogs and placed an order for a costume depicting his favorite dog, a collie, went viral a few months ago and traveled all over the world. Given the unexpected nature of the outcome, the images rapidly gained widespread attention.

The Japanese business Zeppet, which was responsible for the creation of the dog’s hyper-realistic suit, was the recipient of the order. A new customer has gone one step further and contacted the company in order to achieve his ambition of becoming a werewolf, at least briefly and supposedly. This new customer has obtained the company’s services after discovering the narrative.

The customer stated that he had a deep affection for animals ever since he was a child. “After appreciating the realistic animal costumes that appeared on television, I dreamed of being one one day,” he wrote on the website of the company. “It was a dream come true.” “My request to look like a real wolf walking on its hind legs was difficult, but the entire costume is just as I imagined,” stated the purchaser who was satisfied.

Fifty days were devoted by the company to the production of the outfit, which had a worth of more than 21,000 euros. It was necessary for the design team to examine actual photographs of wolves in order to replicate the details and incorporate them into the costume.

In order to realize his goal of becoming a predatory beast, a man who wished to remain nameless purchased a wolf suit that cost over $23,000.

Zeppet, a Japanese special modeling firm, was apparently contacted by the man in order to make an ultra-realistic wolf costume. The man reportedly paid Zeppet three million yen, which is equivalent to around $22,700, in order to be changed into the gray-furred canine.

According to what the man shared with Zeppet, “I dreamed of ‘being one someday’ because of my love for animals ever since I was a child and because I saw some realistic animal suits when I was watching television.”

Zappet, a company that often develops figures and costumes for movies and television advertisements, looked at photographs of genuine wolves in order to put every minute feature into the suit that they designed for their client.

For a personal commission, we crafted a wolf costume for the customer. This entire costume, which was modeled after the timber wolf, turned out to be a visually impactful reality, according to what the company wrote.

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To the naked eye, the images of the customer in the finished product appear to be lifelike. On account of their sensitivity, craftsmanship, and service, the Japanese company received appreciation from the individual.

According to what he said, “I was amazed at my transformed self in the mirror when I went in for the final fitting.” “That was the moment when my dream was realized,” she said. Despite the fact that it was challenging to fulfill my request to “look like a real wolf walking on hind legs,” the entire outfit turned out to be an accurate representation of what I had envisioned before.
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Additionally, Zeppet is the same company that was commissioned to produce a realistic dog costume for another individual. This individual spent close to sixteen thousand dollars in order to make his fantasy of becoming a dog a reality.

Just like everyone else, Japanese engineer Toru Ueda enjoys having a drink at the end of a difficult week in order to relax and unwind. On the other hand, he prefers to have parties at his house, where he dresses up in a big wolf costume that costs three million yen, which is equivalent to twenty-three thousand dollars in the United States.

The professional from Tokyo claims that the reason he is so obsessed with animals is because he is trying to get away from the normal hassles that come with being a person.

“I feel like I’m no longer human when I’m wearing my costume,” the 32-year-old said in an interview with the UK Times. “There are no human interactions in my life. I am able to forget about any and all problems, whether they are associated with jobs or other aspects of my life.

In the summer of 2017, Ueda had his suit crafted by Zeppet, a business that specializes in the production of costumes for both film and television. Children’s television shows feature animal costumes, while science fiction and horror films feature monsters and robots. Their outfits range from these to animal suits.

They had over three face-to-face meetings, during which Ueda showed them photographs of his dream suit and finer details, such as the pattern of the coat and the texture of the fur. Ueda also sent over forty emails to the team, and they exchanged more than three emails with each other. In addition to requesting that the human-sized suit be as lifelike as possible, he also demanded that it be able to allow him to walk properly, as reported by the Times.–667d0ec1c3e23#goto8671—-saudi-arabia-763703114


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