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Almeida cautions the PSOE with its examination bonus: the Carmena point of reference that toppled Equity

By triji Feb 28, 2024

The city hall leader cautioned the PSOE about its examination bonus that it has previously enrolled in the Congress of Agents.

This Wednesday, the city chairman of Madrid safeguarded an episode previously forgotten however intriguing right now. He did as such during a morning meal coordinated by Nueva Economía Fórum and only one day after the PSOE had enlisted a commission in the Congress of Delegates to examine the acquisition of clinical supplies from public organizations, subsequently connecting the fan to redirect its liability in the Koldo case .

Within the sight of pioneers and previous heads of the PP, among whom was Esperanza Aguirre , guide of José Luis Martínez-Almeida and representative for the Civil Gathering of the PP during the initial two years of Manuela Carmena ‘s order , Almeida reviewed that the well known ones “were They set up a commission of request in the Madrid City Board to explore all that had occurred during the long periods of the PP government. Furthermore, we went to court and won in the Petulant Managerial Court .

” The appointed authority brought up “two things“: “A commission of examination can’t have an uncertain and conventional article, something explicit is being explored and, besides, it can’t be planned in that frame of mind there should be a progression of signs that legitimize the commission of examination,” he added.

The commission – one of the star tasks of the then Economy Councilor, Carlos Sánchez Mato – was laid out in line with a proposition from the Public authority of Manuela Carmena and the PSOE and had the help of Ciudadanos. It expected to ‘judge’ the metropolitan administration somewhere in the range of 2003 and 2015, that is to say, during the orders of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón and Ana Botella.

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The PP, drove by Aguirre, spoke to the courts charging that it was a “general case” against their party. What’s more, he won: the adjudicator canceled the commission, featuring its unclearness and absence of meticulousness since ” no particular instance of examination is shown, but instead it is consented to explore everything so that three terms could check whether there is whatever is found .” He focused on that, “from the substance of the understanding making the Commission, obviously it has no particular reason .”

Aguirre was in every case absolutely against permitting the commission of examination if it was not determined what he needed to research. In any case, he guaranteed, it would turn into “a witch chase and a sort of broad reason against the PP.” When the decision was known, he demanded that to start a commission of this kind, there should be a particular item to research “and not a change to the whole” of the PP’s administration as of late. The Carmena Government chose not to pursue it.

There is likewise a significant contrast between an insightful commission in Congress, similar to the one the PSOE expects to do now, and one in a city chamber: in the first, individuals who are called to seem have the commitment to join in, while in the second no. As a matter of fact, thus, neither Gallardón nor Botella went to the commission advanced by the Public authority of Manuela Carmena – which had previously been laid out a very long time before the decision.

The city chairman focused on this Wednesday that “what the PSOE does” with its examination bonus “is attempt the squid stain to check whether it can some way or another redirect consideration from the key truth: that there was an individual who was José Luis Ábalos , who “It was at the Peugot with Pedro Sánchez and Koldo and it was the operational hub of a defilement plot that envelops the PSOE and the PSOE states.”

After the useful breakfast, the overall secretary of the PP of Madrid talked in a similar sense. “I have dealt with numerous insightful commissions and this is whenever I first have seen a text making an analytical commission that doesn’t address the case it needs to explore ,” said Alfonso Serrano , who demonstrated that “when somebody needs to examine something, they put what “It’s what they need to research and they (the PSOE) don’t for a moment even have the respectability to specify the case that everybody has been discussing for seven days.”

This being the situation, Serrano is clear: “Attempting to make a planned commission to see what is found to attempt to scrutinize the administration of the multitude of independent networks to conceal their own embarrassments, appears to be a genuine disgrace to me that my party won’t uphold. ” and he focused on this idea authored by the well known individuals to allude to this case: “they are searching for the squid ink strategy: to discuss all that and smear everybody so the Ábalos case, the PSOE case, isn’t discussed.”

Moreover, Isabel Díaz Ayuso ‘s right-hand man communicated her “lawful questions” about whether a Chamber like the Congress of Representatives “can research gives that influence different organizations that have their own controls like local parliaments .”

“Being a casualty isn’t equivalent to being the culprit of a wrongdoing”
Almeida, who was gathered this Tuesday by Ábalos in the huge appearance he presented from Congress, repeated the “significant contrasts” that exist between the Koldo case and the purported ‘Covers case’, with the commission specialists Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño , which impacted to the Madrid City Committee.

Above all else and “in spite of the way that they have attempted via land, ocean and air, condemning, singling out and criticizing respectable and fair individuals who gave the best of themselves during the pandemic to guarantee that metropolitan authorities had method for security, “they have not had the option to charge anybody from the Madrid City Board”. Besides, ” my right hand isn’t charged, my left hand isn’t charged, there is nobody from the City Committee who is charged ,” reviewed the councilor who added that “the facts confirm that they misled us and I have said commonly: Please accept my apologies.” from the heart however being the casualties of a wrongdoing isn’t equivalent to being the culprit of a wrongdoing .”

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