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Attempt to burn self outside Trump court

By triji Apr 20, 2024

After hurling writings into the air that contained “conspiracy theories,” a man attempted to burn himself on fire on Friday in front of the court in Manhattan where Donald Trump is being tried.

According to the police, the man believed that the writings contained “conspiracy theories.”

It was determined by the authorities that the offender was a man named Maxwell Azzarello who was born in 1987 and was originally from the state of Florida. Laura Kavanagh, the chief of the New York Fire Department, revealed during a press briefing that although his health is considered “serious,” “he is alive.”

The photographs of the drama that have been shown on social networks and by American media are very striking. After a few seconds, the victim is shown falling to the ground while simultaneously transforming into a human torch. He does this while holding both hands behind his head. Firefighters raced to the man’s location and used an extinguisher to put out the fire that was raging.

Several minutes after the fire broke out, a journalist from the AFP who was there at the scene reported that clothing were still burning slowly on the ground and that a strong odor was rising from the area. The square was located directly across from the courthouse.

The individual who attempted to set themselves on fire is currently being transported by paramedics to the courtroom in Manhattan where Donald Trump is scheduled to appear on Friday.
A man who was there at the incident and identified himself as Dave, who is 73 years old, stated that he witnessed the man throwing writings into the air before opening a container, spilling the contents on him, and then setting the fire with a lighter.

The papers “relate to conspiracy theories, there is information about Ponzi-type schemes, and the fact that some of our schools are fronts for the mafia,” as stated by Joseph Kenny, who is one of the authorities that works for the police department.

The individual is said to have arrived in New York a few days ago, as stated by the police.

This spectacle did not immediately interfere with the progress of the historic trial that Donald Trump is currently undergoing. The court proceeding was resumed at approximately three o’clock in the afternoon, and the former President of the United States did not offer any remarks upon his return to the courtroom.

The police have given their word that they will do a thorough evaluation of the security procedures that are in place around the court, despite the fact that the system is already strengthened by the presence of a former president of the United States within the building.

Jeffrey Maddrey, one of the heads of police, told reporters that the individual in question did not violate any security rules. The park was accessible to the general public, he continued.

Since the trial began on Monday, this space has already been occupied by a few hundred individuals who are either in favor of or opposed to Trump, but up until this point, there has been no significant incident.

Mr. Azzarello, who is in his mid-30s and hails from St. Augustine, Florida, flung leaflets containing conspiracy theories into the air before setting himself on fire on Friday in a protest area that was designated for both pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators.

At approximately 1:30 p.m., local time, he reportedly entered Collect Pond Park, which is located just across the street from the courthouse.

According to the police, he grabbed a canister out of his suitcase that contained what is thought to have been an accelerant based on alcohol. After that, he doused himself in the fluid and set himself on fire.

Both law enforcement officers and members of the general public rushed into the protest area and attempted to extinguish the fire by using jackets and fire extinguishers.

Reporters were informed by Laura Kavanagh, the commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, that Azzarello was transported to the burns unit at the Weill Cornell Medical Center, where he was characterized as being alive but in severe condition.

Officials have stated that four New York Police Department officers had minor injuries as a result of exposure to fire.Joseph Kenny, the chief of detectives for the New York Police Department, stated to the reporters that the booklets appeared to be propaganda-based and were nearly of the conspiracy theory variety.

I would want to provide you with some information regarding a Ponzi scheme and the fact that several of our local educational institutions are fronts for the criminal organization. “There is a little bit of a conspiracy theory going on here,” the speaker said.

Following the conclusion of jury selection for the hush money trial of Donald Trump, which included the selection of twelve individuals and six alternates to judge whether or not the former president of the United States concealed payments made to women who claimed to have had affairs with him, the fire broke out.

On Friday afternoon, the Trump campaign issued a statement in which it expressed its “condolences to the traumatized witnesses” following the fire.–beber-t-para-la-hipertensin-presin-arterial-cardizoom-paraguay

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