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Behind jail, Elizabeth Holmes, famous entrepreneur, fascinates.

By triji May 13, 2024

The major con artists. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes celebrated her 40th birthday in her cell while the media was there. The start-up, which was found guilty of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars, nevertheless has the ability to seduce people.

Listen carefully to the amazing news! In prison, Elizabeth Holmes commemorated her birthday. “Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes appears beaming in poignant photos as she celebrates 40 years behind bars with visit from her young children, her parents, and her beloved husband,” the Daily Mail wrote in a post including photos from the occasion on February 5. And peruse, peruse the year’s biggest scoop! We’ve got this one from Entertainment Weekly: “In prison, scandalized biotech tycoon Elizabeth Holmes and former reality TV star Jen Shah became close friends.”

Nothing needs to be done. Despite her acts that resulted in four counts of defrauding investors with her start-up, she remained a star and was sentenced to eleven years in jail in 2022. Elizabeth Holmes will follow a three-year supervised release period and provide $452 million in compensation to the fraud victims upon her release, which is expected to occur in six or seven years with sentence reductions.

Unfathomable mystique

This affair is fascinating in every way. To begin with, the start-up in issue has enormous potential: it can perform blood tests that identify a variety of ailments using a small amount of blood obtained by a simple finger prick. The sleek and tiny miraculous contraption is named after another American innovator icon, Thomas Edison. Elizabeth Holmes declared modestly that he “will change the world.”

This one fulfills every requirement. She is intelligent; Stanford University accepted her, and she speaks Mandarin. However, similar to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, she left college in the middle of her studies to found Theranos, a name that stands for “diagnosis” and “therapy,” when she was just 19 years old.

An indescribable mystery comes from this intense blonde, who is always seen wearing a black turtleneck and speaking in a loud, raspy voice. It almost seems like an extraterrestrial has come to eradicate Silicon Valley’s blatant misogyny in a single start-up.

“A young woman who seems to be bright”

Confirmation bias is a cognitive mechanism that involves selecting information that confirms one’s preconceived notions. Psychologists are well aware of this phenomenon. These are seasoned investors who take the young star’s demands—that she keep the workings of Theranos technology a secret and that she will have the last say in all matters pertaining to the company—without batting an eye.

Not the enigma surrounding the well-known machine, nor the air of suspicious secrecy fostered by Elizabeth Holmes, who surrounds herself with bodyguards (code name: Eagle One) and has screened windows installed in her office, concerns our investors. -balls.

What if this fool’s dance consisted solely of capitalist endeavors in California! Elizabeth Holmes has a talent for drawing wealthy or well-known males of a particular age. George Schultz, the former Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, Carlos Slim, Henry Kissinger, and Rupert Murdoch will all be duped. Murdoch, who was practically a gambler, admitted after the trial that he was one of the numerous elderly men who fell for a young woman who seemed intelligent. What a complete shame.

“I still sense my calling in life”

Once more, he is not alone. Without even the tiniest hesitation, the media pounced on the fairy tale, competing to feature the mesmerizing blonde on their front pages. The author of a lengthy, laudatory piece for The New Yorker, Ken Auletta, would later be critical of himself: he recalled that Elizabeth Holmes was unable to explain how her blood analysis device operated in his interviews with the famous journalist, saying, “I asked her the question six times, and she answered me six times with gibberish.”

We are aware of the rest. A Theranos biochemist committed suicide, hundreds of millions of dollars vanished, and major medical choices were made based on false test results—carnage. The machine was a joke. However, Elizabeth Holmes, like Sam Bankman-Fried, never consented to play a rascal.

She told the New York Times in May 2023, following her sentencing, “I still dream of being able to contribute to the field of medical testing.” I still believe there is a need and I still feel called to this.


By triji

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