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Central to Trump’s defense policy

By triji Apr 25, 2024

This week, Donald Trump became the first former American president to face a criminal court in New York. On Monday, the populist opposed his usual defense strategy: deny facts, denigrate prosecution witnesses and prosecutors, and play for time to delay proceedings in a historic trial for conspiracy and bribery of a former porn actress in 2016. Will the stratagem succeed with Manhattan’s 12 jurors?


“President Trump has done no wrong. On Monday, the fifth day of the hearings, the ex-president’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, told the jury that his client, and Republican presidential candidate in 2024, was “totally innocent”, repeating the populist’s claims for months that he did nothing wrong. He denies all 34 counts.

Never apologize, accept blame, or admit criminal or inappropriate behavior… Using his usual technique, the real estate billionaire posted on social media on Sunday that “virtually all jurists and experts say that there is no file, no crime, no nothing” in this trial. He said, “This is a minor accounting matter as a matter of law,” entering the courtroom Monday.

He posted a lengthy rant about a “witch hunt” on social media this weekend, saying “I did nothing wrong”. He used these statements in capital letters throughout his civil trial for fraud at the Trump Organization and writer E. Jean Carroll’s slander suit after the populist’s sexual assault conviction.

Denial failed in these two circumstances. A judge fined the ex-president a record roughly half a billion dollars for deliberately overestimating the worth of his properties, overwhelmed by the evidence. He also had to pay Ms. Carroll almost 87 million by jury.

To delay

Last Thursday, an appeals court judge denied the Republican’s final trial suspension request. His defense said jury selection the following day was rushed.

Donald Trump has delayed this confrontation with justice before. This trial began last week after months of waiting and populist clan delays.

His lawyers repeatedly asked Judge Juan Merchan to recuse himself since the magistrate’s daughter works for a communications company with Democratic contracts. They also claimed that Trump, the Republican presidential contender, should not be forced to sit in court for weeks while campaigning.

“So far, Trump and his lawyers have managed to delay the start of his three other criminal trials by filing numerous motions and pursuing numerous appeals to push these deadlines until after the November elections,” the lawyer said in an interview. Carl Tobias, University of Richmond professor.

They say the populist’s team delays because Trump should have presidential immunity, which would prevent him from being charged. Indeed, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments on this topic this week.

In the New York Times on Monday, Republican Liz Cheney suggested a quick Supreme Court judgment would be best for democracy.

She said that if the trial of Donald Trump, accused of insurrection against the Capitol on January 6, 2021, is delayed, the public would never hear the compelling and historic evidence accepted by a big jury that led to his indictment. “And our justice system may never be able to hold the leader of the January 6 attack accountable.


Headed his first criminal trial as Judge Juan Merchan. He was prosecuted by Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg. NYS Attorney Letitia James. Or Fani Willis, who arranged the Georgia accusations against Donald Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 elections in this vital state. The magistrates following the populist have had to endure the ex-president’s wrath for months, who, online and at political rallies, portrays them as “warlike” and “corrupt” beings who pursue him through “racism inverted,” he wrote last year, to pose as the white victim of a campaign led by vengeful and democratic African-Americans. Judge Merchan is Colombian-American.

He called Alvin Bragg a “Soros-supported animal,” referring to the language register of slaveholders and the Democratic contributor who fuels far-fetched conspiracy theories and online brainwashing.

The real estate mogul had tested this tactic in 2016 in a class action for fraud against Trump University by highlighting Gonzalo Curiel, a judge born in Indiana but of Mexican descent, and reducing him to an immigrant “hating Donald Trump,” he said. He acknowledged his “deceptive practices” by paying 25 million to hundreds of customers who enrolled with his business.

Manhattan prosecutors sought for Trump’s contempt of court conviction on Tuesday after he reportedly breached a gag order 10 times to stop him from publicly insulting jurors and witnesses. He called his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, a major witness in this trial, a “serial liar” and Stormy Daniels, to whom he paid the payment, a “debauchee.” He also called the jurors, citing Fox News, “undercover liberal activists.”

On Tuesday, during a break, the populist accused the New York court of being a “parody of justice” and demanded that Judge Merchan recuse himself again, threatening a $10,000 punishment.


Donald Trump’s best defense against federal charges is to get re-elected, said George Washington University law professor Stephen A. Saltzburg in an interview. He might then dismiss all federal allegations against him. » He is accused of mishandling confidential materials at Mar-a-Lago and stirring Capitol uprising.

Despite American justice’s charges against the Republican candidate, re-election is possible. According to various Reuters polls this week, the ex-president leads in six important states, including Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, seven months before the election.

By triji

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