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guarantees closeness to “her entire family”

By triji Mar 21, 2024

As at this moment, Sonsoles has made the discovery of the tonadillera who is currently going to the doctor.

She is supposed to be the one who is closest to Isabel Pantoja, who is also known as Mariló de la Rubia. Lecturas confirmed this information in February of the previous year. Recent press reports indicate that the tonadillera and the woman from Cordoba have been spending a significant amount of time together, despite the fact that the tonadillera has not spoken publicly about his marriage to the woman from Cordoba.

In the past, Pantoja has been seen in public with De la Rubia on two separate occasions. Pantoja was located this time by a reporter from Y Ahora Sonsoles, despite the fact that the Sevillian made numerous attempts to avoid being captured by the cameras.

As Isabel and her reliable companion rapidly made their way to a medical center on foot, the cameras from the Antena 3 program captured their actions. There was seldom a time when Isabel was alone herself. By donning a mask and sunglasses, the tonadillera was able to conceal themselves from the cameras.

Y Ahora Sonsoles was informed by Pantoja that she “likes a lot” Cordoba. This is most likely due to the fact that Mariló de la Rubia resides in Cordoba, and the journalist made an attempt to sneak up on her so that she could talk about her return to the city.

There is a possibility that you are interested in learning more about Isabel Pantoja’s “best friend,” Mariló de la Rubia, who has gone beyond the position of fan to become a firm support system for Isabel.

The reporter for Antena 3 stated that the tonadillera was only present inside the health facility for a period of two or three minutes. As Pantoja was leaving his medical visit, he addressed the rumor that had been going about for a few days about his acquaintance with the woman from Cordoba. He stated that they had been buddies since the 1980s throughout that time period.

The person conducting the interview did not waste any time in enquiring about her forthcoming album and tour, both of which she will be playing alongside Mariló, who looks to be physically attached to her during the entire process. Pantoja expressed his desire to be able to spend those periods of time with her as well as “the entire De la Rubia family.”

“has known for forty years,” she told the reporter, referring to the Córdoba one, who is not a brand-new acquaintance for the singer. In fact, she has been acquainted with this one for a very long time. The inquiry was brought to a close by Pantoja, who addressed Atresmedia and said, “So that you understand well.”—-nepal-538344829

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