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I prefer the participants to be rebellious rather than compliant.

By triji Mar 18, 2024

The person in charge of the program, which will mark its semifinal with a celebration this coming Monday, takes stock of its first edition on Prime Video, which has doubled its influence on networks in comparison to 2020, and underlines the aspect of the competition as a “reflection of the country’s youth.”

Noemí Galera, a 57-year-old woman from Barcelona, is currently occupying a space that is not hers. It is the office of the directors of Operación Triunfo, which is dominated by three screens that display live images of the contestants. These contestants have been confined to the upper floor for a period of three months. The studio is situated in the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, which is situated on the outskirts of Terrassa.

The director of the television contest, which is celebrating its semifinal this coming Monday, prefers to sit with the production team at a modest desk that is tied to a banner that reads, “You leave your ego here.” The event is one of the most popular broadcasting competitions in the world. The garbage can is indicated by an arrow that is pointing in a downward direction. The lactose-free yogurt that Martin consumes is displayed on one of the televisions. Paul Thin and Álvaro Mayo, who are the nominees of the week, are packing their things in the room next door on the same floor. The second one will depart later that evening.

Immediately before to that, Galera gave permission for photographs to be taken in what she refers to asGuantánamo,” which is a small room that resembles a prison and contains two bunk beds. She sleeps there on Monday evenings. The white suit that will be worn at the gala, which will take place a couple of hours later, is hung on it. At the gala, the candidates will be surrounded and praised as if they were the Beatles from 1965.

Additionally, it will be shown live on Prime Video, which is the most notable innovation of this edition. This is the first time that it has not been developed in a traditional canal. The program has not been impacted by the shift to the platform, despite the fact that it is now exposed to a smaller audience.

The program’s digital impact has significantly surpassed that of the editions that were published in 2017, 2018, and 2020. There were 8.6 million votes cast during the most recent gala, which is ten times more than in the year 2020. The total number of views that OT videos have received on networks is 720 million, which is twice as many as the previous edition.

When Galera feels delighted, she is exhausted. A really positive balance has been achieved. Having a good fit with Amazon has been achieved. I look forward to doing more OT with them. She explains, “We have been running this program for the past 23 years, and they have allowed themselves to be carried away by us.” “In all honesty, this is the pattern that my life follows.”

She is aware that she has devoted an unreasonable amount of her time and energy to OT. She has not left this location for several weeks, and she has seldom spoken to either of her children, who are 11 and 13 years old. “When they ask me if they recognize me on the street, I say I don’t know, because I don’t step on it,” chuckles Galera, who demonstrates the same simplicity and naturalness that she says she looks for in her castings. “I don’t step on it,” she says. In addition to being the nurse of these orphaned children, she is also known as Mami Noe, and depending on the day and time, she is a public enemy on various networks.

In spite of the fact that she has appeared on television for more than half of her life, she is not as well known as she seems to be. She was born in the neighborhood of Gràcia in Barcelona, on the Carrer de les Camèlies, which is the name of the street that Mercè Rodoreda’s novel of the same name takes its name from. She was raised without her father present. Her mother was the proprietor of a pub.

It was during her vacation in a town in Castellón that her uncle sung boleros in the backyard. She believes that her insatiable desire for music is a direct result of her uncle’s singing. As she was pursuing a profession in Hispanic Philology, which she financed by working as a salesperson at Bulevard Rosa, a shopping complex that has since disappeared in the upper district of Barcelona, she came into contact with television.

Following her participation in the competition Love at First Sight, which is the television predecessor of Tinder, La Trinca was signed by Gestmusic, the production firm that she works for. “I became a resident of this place when I was 24 years old. At this point, I believe that she would be content with doing anything else. Despite the fact that I have worked more hours than anyone else, she acknowledges that she was fortunate.

‘OT’ is a program that promotes ideals such as equality and respect for all people. This was somewhat lost during the Telecinco stage since “reality” was given more importance than it should have been. The good news is that this has changed,” adds Galera.

Since the golden edition of Amaia and Aitana in 2017, the format has returned to the whiter register of the first editions. This is a significant departure from the harsh tone of the format during its years on Telecinco, when Galera, who was involved in several clashes with Risto Mejide, admitted that the format was distorted. “I didn’t I have seen it again, I am not interested in removing that stage,” he says.

OT is a program that emphasizes values. For instance, respect and equality are important. Speeches on topics such as sexual health, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and body self-esteem have been planned for this edition. During that time period, that was somewhat lost: television was different, and realism was the dominant aspect of the situation. To his credit, that has changed,” he continues to insist. She would not go back to her days serving on the overtime jury, when the obligatory spectacle obliged her to overact in a villainous part, a role for which she does not appear to have any fond recollections.

He responds, “I don’t have a bad conscience, but today I would do it differently, because society is different and because I, fortunately, am also a different person.” He says this because he is a different person. “Being a member of a jury means being ungrateful, and during my time, there were no networks.” 2005 was the year that they called me at home and threatened to kill me.

“In recent times, I have been forced to file two complaints, one for insults and the other because, in one of the cases, they lied to me about my daughter,” she admits. Being famous for his “milk rises” and his broncOTes, with which he has gained a somewhat unfair celebrity from Rottenmeier—that inexhaustible sexist stereotype—he claims that he has handled this edition much more gently than the last one. “The networks are like a Roman circus that asks for blood, and I didn’t want to give it to them,” the speaker further explained. The psychologist is not someone he visits, despite the fact that he ought should. It seems that he has been a little more tolerant than normal, according to him.

Without going to the extremes of previous editions — in 2018, TVE was forced to apologize to the Falange for comments made by a contestant and Galera herself — this edition has also not been devoid of controversy. There have been some somewhat exaggerated allegations of bullying, insults between fandoms of the candidates, a variety of bollodramas, and even an indescribable war with the French OT to determine which format was superior, which culminated in a peculiar Peace of the Pyrenees on the network that was formerly known as Twitter.

Furthermore, the vocalist Iván Ferreiro referred to the program as “butchery” and employed the term “cantamañanas” to describe his instructors. The supporters of Chiara, one of the contestants, ran a furious campaign that was broadcast on a massive screen in Times Square in New York City; nonetheless, she was ultimately ousted from the competition. In a humorous manner, Galera posed the question, “I wonder what some people will do with their lives beginning February 19.” The date that a result is considered open is the date when it was reached. Regardless, I never know who is going to come out on top. 2017 was the year that she believed it would be Agoney. Before the final, she departed the group.–65f7d12ad59d6#goto5378


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