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Nintendo’s infinite toy disguised as a sequel

By triji Jul 11, 2024

It is without a doubt one of the most anticipated games of the year, and there is no doubt about the reason why: the fantastic adventure that was ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is finally going to be extended in a game that maintains its aesthetic proposal and the vast majority of its virtues. These virtues include a gigantic Hyrule to explore, a verticality that has never been seen before in the series, and, in general, a freedom of movement and possible strategies that have never been seen before in the franchise.

The game has been accused of a certain sense of continuity ever since it was announced and ever since the first photos were revealed. It has been accused of being a full-fledged sequel that will not even come close to providing the same revolutionary challenge as the previous chapter. Perhaps this is the motivation behind the accusations. However, we are able to put our worries to rest: we have flown to Frankfurt in order to test out “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” and we are confronted with a proposal from Nintendo for the Switch that is ultimately quite a distance away from a second portion that is accommodating, and nothing more.

The evidence is that the game session that we enjoyed, which lasted for approximately an hour and a half and was accompanied at all times by a Nintendo employee who made sure that we did not become disoriented in the enormous chaos of possibilities that were in front of us (and warned us about what things we saw that we could not tell in this article), was centered on Link’s newly acquired abilities. What we are doing is simply looking at the unlimited toy that Nintendo has provided for us. There is no exploring, and there is hardly no combat.

Link’s skills, or at least a handful of them, were among of the things that we were able to observe in this preview. In their most basic form, they are a collection of tools that may be used to modify components of the environment and construct things using those elements. Using this method, we are able to pick up objects that are lying on the ground, move and spin them freely (using a skill known as Ultra Hand), adhere them to other objects, or merge them with them. There have already been some trailers that demonstrate the practical applications, but we might condense them into three major categories: the construction of cars, the enhancement of our inventory, and the resolution of puzzles.

The first ability, which is to construct vehicles, enables us to, for instance, join together logs (which, similar to in ‘Breath of the Wild,’ we can obtain from objects lying around the scene, but also by cutting down a tree to get them), attach an engine to them, and attach a kind of steering wheel to the device so that we can control them. The same is true for gigantic gliding wings, which will provide us with an option that is more stable and easier to control than the glider that we are accustomed to using.

Getting around lakes or chasms is now much simpler, and we imagine that there is another possibility: traveling across huge amounts of land with motorized vehicles, given that we have also seen wheels. The physics of this and the other items that we develop are sufficiently realistic and logical, which enables us to fine-tune the design even further than we had anticipated. Consider the following straightforward illustration: in a vehicle that is propelled, the motors will need to be balanced in order to prevent the platforms that Link is holding onto from being unbalanced.

The second opportunity that these newly acquired skills present to us is the option of enhancing our inventory. When it comes to the creation of new weapons, practically anything that we come across can be linked to our weapons or shields. Experimentation will be the order of the day in this situation, because… what can you obtain by combining a sword and a mushroom? It’s possible that nothing will happen, but it’s also possible that the sword may release a powder that acts as a smoke bomb.

If we equip our shield with enormous wooden planks and poles to extend its range, or if we come across spike balls or flamethrowers along our way, we can attach them to a basic stick that was a preposterous weapon up until that point, the utility of our shield becomes immediately apparent. To add insult to injury, you can even affix a shield to a cart in order to make it more resistant. The immediacy of everything is unquestionable, and the game, with its controls and the efficient manner it allows us to do and undo everything we want, urges us to try with different things.

At last, Link is able to make use of his powers in order to solve riddles, the majority of which are evidently based on scientific principles. The opportunity to solve a couple of problems presented itself to us. In one of them, we rotated a shape in front of us, which in turn caused a massive platform that was suspended in the air to move. We were able to solve it because to the fact that we had the ability to capture the objects and regulate their movement.

One more puzzle, which was somewhat more difficult, consisted of a succession of ponds that were filled with water and gates that needed to be maintained open consistently. During this point, the capacity to turn particular objects around us back in time came into play, which enabled us to manipulate these gates so that they would comply with our desires. It was during combat that we were able to turn a deadly shot that was directed at us toward our adversaries, which was a particularly valuable application of this power.

The best part is that, just like in “Breath of the Wild,” every player will discover their own unique perspective on how to play. It was possible to solve the pool puzzle by controlling time, but another method was to use logs to hold the gates. This method was not simple; in order to make the gates large enough, you had to fabricate little constructs out of the logs. The essence of ‘Zelda’ is not lost in this sense: no one is compelled to do anything, despite the fact that there are definitely more advanced ways of solving issues than others.

The reason behind this is that this new system will come with its own set of obstacles, such as the fact that engines, rockets, and flamethrowers do not function forever. Not everything can be attached to everything (although some objects can be attached to secondary characters, which allowed us to solve a secondary mission of transporting a character in the most brutal and direct way possible), but trial and error will be common with a game that also has this attitude in mind, and for example it is very easy to undo actions that lead us nowhere.–668fb4a49c33f#goto9382


By triji

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