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The audience is dissatisfied with Netflix’s interpretation of the book.

By triji Apr 1, 2024

There are issues not only with the material, but there are also some who believe that the Chinese version of Tencent is superior to the English version.

The most significant obstacle that Netflix faced with “The Three Body Problem” was not to achieve success (while the numbers have not yet been made public, it is presently ranked number one among the most viewed series), for which there were hooks of surplus. It was challenging to maintain the same level of popularity in China, the nation of origin of the novel written by Liu Cixin, which served as the inspiration for the series. This was especially challenging when taking into consideration the modifications that were made throughout the adaptation process.

As a result of the entrance of a more international cast, many of the duties that were done by the Chinese characters in the original novel have been divided. In addition, a more schematic vision has been added to the book, which was written during the years of the Cultural Revolution in the sixties.

This is the most significant of these modifications. As a result of all of this, Chinese viewers have been allowed to see it (via virtual private networks, because Netflix does not have service in the country) in order to voice their opinions. According to Reuters and our colleagues at Espinof, a significant number of them were negative opinions.

Complaints are abundant on Weibo, which is the most widely used social network in China. One viewer made the following statement in reference to one of the opening scenes: “Netflix, you don’t understand anything about “The Three Body Problem” or Ye Wenjie, you only understand political correctness!”

This statement was made in reference to the actions of the Red Guard, which are actions that continue to be controversial in China even today. “The very first scene rendered me completely speechless,” stated another. “The scene surprised me, despite the fact that I had anticipated it.”

To a greater extent than in China, the focus of the action in the United Kingdom has also been a cause of criticism against the government. “Westerners cannot accept the idea that the Chinese invent cutting-edge technology,” claimed a user on another social network in the nation called Douban. This statement was made in relation to the discovery of a nanofiber system that is relevant to the storyline, which in the series is invented by a scientist from the West.

The comparisons that were made between the Netflix version and the Chinese series that is also inspired by the book, which is more extensive and authentic to the novel, had caused the slogan “The Chinese version wins” to become a trend on Weibo last Friday.

This was due to the fact that the Chinese series is more faithful to the novel. that is Liu Cixin This version, which was the product of Tencent’s video business, was given a new push and was widely consumed in streaming, taking advantage of the notoriety that the Netflix production was enjoying at the time.

In a general sense, the Chinese public that has had access to the Netflix version has reached the conclusion that it is a production in which many features of the original work that are authentically Chinese have been twisted in order to appeal to Western audiences. Following their viewing of the film, a user of Douban stated that it was “a Hollywood product that values individual heroism.”

The Chinese social media community has expressed a variety of opinions over the high-budget adaptation of Three-Body Problem, which is a series of novels written by the Chinese author Liu Cixin.

Three Body Problem, a series consisting of eight episodes, was made available in its entirety on Netflix on Thursday. Liu’s grandiose science fiction trilogy, which spans civilization from the 1960s to the end of humanity, is the source material for this work, which is based on the first novel in the trilogy.

In collaboration with the director Derek Tsang, the showrunners of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and DB Weiss, as well as the writer of True Blood, Alexander Woo, each contributed to the creation of the television series that was produced for Netflix.

Despite the fact that Netflix is not available to users in China due to the country’s firewall, the response in China has been varied but very prevalent. On the microblogging platform Weibo, a hashtag for the phrase “3 Body Problem” had been read 2.23 billion times and debated 1.424 million times by the time Friday morning rolled around.

Some people have taken issue with the fact that Netflix has moved a significant portion of the action to the United Kingdom, despite the fact that the majority of the tale is set in China. Although GQ stated that Liu had offered the idea to the showrunners, other people were critical of the fact that the primary character was a different gender than the other characters.

The creators of the series have defended the casting choices. 3 Body Problem was defined by Netflix as being “purposefully global in nature,” meaning that it encompasses multiple countries, cultures, and historical periods. Benioff stated that they were looking for individuals from all across the world. For the purpose of conveying the notion that this is not simply the fight of a single nation, but rather a struggle for survival on a worldwide scale, we made an effort to select a cast that was extremely diverse and multinational.

Some of the criticism has been rooted in geopolitical hostility toward the United States, which has resulted in a response from nationalists and charges of Americanization of the narrative. A commenter on Weibo made the following statement: “Flat and shallow, the difficult concept of science fiction is roughly transformed into a simple visual spectacle.” The commentator accused the creators of “orientalizing” the Chinese backdrop story and instead crafting a Hollywood movie of western heroics.

There are a lot of Chinese viewers who are comparing it to a Chinese adaptation that will be produced by the Chinese technology business Tencent in the year 2023. Those who are in favor of the latter have compared the work of Netflix to “General Tso’s chicken,” which is a Chinese dish that is commonly served in the United States but is rarely seen in China. Tencent’s “banquet” is a more traditional Chinese meal.

The series produced by Tencent was made available to streaming audiences in the United States a month ago. It is often regarded as a more authentic adaptation of the books, despite the fact that it is comprised of thirty episodes. Additionally, there were talks on social media about the fact that Netflix has greater flexibility to express its creative side and political viewpoints. One of the viewers noted that the most significant advantage that the Netflix version of Three-Body Problem has over the domestic version is that there is no censoring and no taboos are there.

There is a scene of cruelty that occurs at the beginning of the Netflix series. It is a Communist party battle session that takes place during the Cultural Revolution and targets the father of the main character. During that specific period, the Tencent version depicts it, although it is more subdued. It is getting increasingly difficult to portray the time period of the Cultural Revolution in China, according to the director of the Netflix series, who disclosed this information to Radio Free Asia.

The statement was made by Tsang, who stated, “But it is an important part of history, and if we are honest about it, we can all learn what we can from it.” The importance of demonstrating to everyone how ludicrous that time period was cannot be overstated.

Additionally, the novels take a different approach to the subject matter. According to reports, Liu and his publishers made the choice to bury the fight session in the middle of the Chinese version of the first novel. This was done in order to make the book less politically contentious in China. The English translation of the novel begins with the struggle session.

There are some viewers who are pleased to have the story introduced to a more extensive public. The adaptation was described as “not only a new interpretation of Liu Cixin’s original work but also an important contribution to global science-fiction literature” by Mtszimu, a website that reviews films in China.

According to the words of one commentator on Weibo, “Everyone has a version of this interpretation in their own imagination.” Personally, I have a more optimistic outlook because, after all, the intellectual property that we developed is called Three-Body Problem. It is now in the hands of the world. My goal is that this hit will have a greater resonance and reverberation than it already has.—A-Potent-An/10628512–a-potent-anti-aging-serum-to-revitalize-skin-in-india-751326705

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