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The rebirth of ‘Big Brother’ has issues:

By triji May 2, 2024

Celebrities competing against anonymous contestants: some of them control the brand, yet the public is demanding that the first participant be brought back.

The show ‘Big Brother‘ is back. But not a “Big Brother” with celebrities, which would be a warped version of the original concept; rather, it would be a “Big Brother” with contestants who remain nameless, and it would also restore the iconography of the program that dominated and transformed television in April of 2000. Now, Mediaset has announced that they will be hosting “Big Brother 19,” which has already begun casting contestants to compete for a reward of 300,000 euros.

The search for the target audience(s). Telecinco is looking for a boost for its very weak audiences, which are incapable of competing with the brands of Antena 3, which defeat them almost every day thanks to the tremendous combination of “El Hormiguero” and established programs such as the talent shows “The Voice” or “Your face sounds familiar.” It is clear what Telecinco is looking for with this announcement. When Telecinco recalls the data from the final of the first edition, it must experience something close to the feelings of nostalgia that have been unleashed among fans for those times when ‘Big Brother’ was filled to the brim with innocence: 7.8 million viewers, which accounts for 51.2% of the share. This was something that seven out of ten Spaniards watched in front of the television.

Since the year 2017. On the one hand, the memory of the previous iteration with anonymous contestants, which was the disastrous 2017 edition in which a contestant was raped while sleeping by a spouse, is the source of the dilemma that ‘Big Brother’ faces. A year ago, in April 2023, the perpetrator was found guilty of sexual abuse and sentenced to fifteen months in prison. Additionally, it was determined that Zeppelin TV, the producer of the reality show, was responsible for the events that took place. This was due to the fact that the circumstances under which the events took place (a lack of food and a significant amount of alcohol) as well as the manner in which they communicated the event to the victim the following morning.

There is harm to the brand. An unprecedented amount of harm was done to the ‘Big Brother’ brand as a result of the lawsuit, and when the trial started, it caused sponsors to withdraw their investment, which had an effect on Mediaset’s finances. This particular iteration of “Big Brother” was the final one to include contestants who remained anonymous. It was succeeded by the VIP version of the show, which continued to air in the previous year and was the final one to air before the brand made its comeback. Since then, Telecinco has not given up on reality shows; however, the reality shows that they have produced are of a different kind. These reality series include “The Island of Temptations” and “Survivors,” in which they focus more on the theme of physical demands and isolation than they do on the typical interactions that are included in “Big Brother.”

Those who are famous are more popular. The success of “Big Brother VIP,” which was initially broadcast in alternate years to the traditional “Big Brother,” was replacing the classic program with similar audience figures (ranging between 20 and 25% share on average), with the exception of the final and very weak “VIP” edition of 2023. This is the major challenge that “Big Brother” faces before it. The public’s taste has changed, and the public’s preference has shifted. ‘Big Brother Vip’ has been released on an annual basis since 2015, while the traditional version of ‘Big Brother’ was already losing popularity by the time it reached its sixteenth edition, prior to the catastrophe that occurred with the seventeenth edition.

The public’s preferences have shifted, which has been influenced by the popularity of the show “Survivors,” which has consistently featured well-known contestants. The fact that reality and contest shows from other channels, such as “Tu cara me sona,” “Mask Singer,” and “Master Chef Celebrity,” also have noteworthy success is evidence that this shift in preferences has occurred.

Those that compete professionally. This lateral phenomena, which is the professionalization of the contestants, is brought about as a result of the addition of celebrities to the roster of contestants on reality shows. As though they were, in fact, reality pros, these already have a working knowledge of how the processes of the contest operate and how to develop audience attachment from the audience. mainly due to the fact that this is frequently their intention: to become regular participants in the discussions and programs that are produced by the reality shows that are shown on Telecinco.

We have previously witnessed this occurrence in a very accelerated version in the case of “Temptation Island,” where it has gone from a first edition of relative innocence to the current iterations, where everything is planned in advance, in a record amount of time. One of the most significant challenges that this new season of “Big Brother” faces is the possibility that it will be impossible to regain the innocent innocence of the competitors who participated in the show’s first season.

The housemates will be competing in yet another round of nominations, but this time there will be a twist. This information has been confirmed by Big Brother. During the year 2023, Big Brother will once again be reintroducing the traditional face-to-face nominations for the first time.

The housemates have been able to safely nominate one of their fellow contestants at a time in the privacy of the Diary Room up until this point. However, now they will be required to face each other in the eyes as they explain the reasons why they want one of their fellow players to be eliminated from the competition.

Additionally, the three housemates who received the most votes will not only be have to face the public vote, but they will also be required to reside in the spare room until the eviction takes place. One of them will be allowed to return to the residence, while the other two will be allowed to return to their own homes.

As a result of the fact that the three housemates who have been nominated will be able to observe everything that is going on in the main house while they are in the spare room, it is possible that the housemate who is able to avoid being evicted would return with completely different perspectives than their fellow housemates.

In another part of tonight’s show, the house is changed into a school, and Jordan and Henry are under the impression that Jenkin has been accusing Jordan of exaggerating his ‘romance’ for the cameras. During this time, Jenkin enters the Diary Room and confirms their suspicions by accusing Jordan of engaging in game-playing behavior.–6633462828bfd#goto6491!-kundenmeinungen-preis-germany-by-yenki-derm-creme–66337d0bcb313#goto6497!-comentarios-de-los-clientes-%C2%BFcosto-mexico-by-yenki-derm-crema

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