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Trump: “Gaza war? Biden is to blame. Israel now succeeds.”

By triji Mar 30, 2024

Once again, the former president asserts in an interview that was granted to the tabloid “Israel Hayom” that if he had been in the White House, the incident that took place on October 7 would not have occurred.

According to the New York Times, “The conflict in Gaza? Biden is to blame because he is a moron, he is unable to communicate, and he has been pursuing a terrible foreign policy for the past half-century. Even his coworkers acknowledge that he is ineffectual and lacking in strength. This is a free-flowing interview that former President of the United States Donald Trump granted exclusively to the Israeli tabloid Israel Hayom. It was distributed without charge throughout the entire country of Israel. According to him, “Hamas would never have carried out that attack” if he had been in the White House.

He went back to maintain this position. That Jews who do not support him “Hate Israel” is another point of contention. “I would have responded in a similar manner,” he said, indicating that he is in agreement with the attack that took place within the Strip. The events that took place on October 7 were among the most heartbreaking I have ever seen. To add insult to injury, it is time to put an end to the fighting: “We must reach peace, we cannot allow this to continue, it is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.” Because it is losing support in a significant portion of the world, Israel needs to exercise caution. You need to complete the task as quickly as possible and find serenity.

The words made by the Republican leader, which were anticipated by the newspaper via the internet, come at the same time that the United Nations has approved a new ceasefire resolution. This resolution was reached with the assistance of external support from the United States, which abstained from voting. It was a decision that outraged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has already stated that he intends to postpone the travel of the Israeli delegation to Washington, which will be led by Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi. In addition, Defence Minister Gallant is slated to travel to Washington tomorrow according to the itinerary.

In point of fact, the interview was conducted during the past weekend at Mar-a-Lago, namely in the library of the tycoon’s luxurious residence in Palm Beach, Florida. The conflict, the way in which Biden is managing it, and the actions that Trump believes need to be taken are the primary topics of discussion in this document. The nominee for the Republican Party asserts that Israel has committed an error: The pictures that are coming out of Gaza are dreadful, and they convey a negative impression.

I had the need to give Israel a call and tell them, “Don’t do this.” Simply having a strong appearance is one thing; but, if you are unable to complete the task at hand right away, that does not give you any indication of your strength. But he did not approve of the proposal for new elections to be held in the country that was made by Chuck Schumer, the head of the Democratic majority in the Senate and the Jewish politician who holds the highest institutional position: “It is a terrible thing to do, and it demonstrates a great division in the United States.” Due to the powerful influence of the Jewish lobby, there was a time when no politician would have dared to come out against Israel. On the other hand, many people are now speaking negatively about it.

Some members of Congress, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, harbour a deep-seated hatred for Israel and the Jewish people there. It is for this reason that Israel needs to work on improving its image right now. Biden was also subjected to severe criticism by Trump for the way he dealt with Israel. “He is to blame for the October 7 attack: because Hamas doesn’t respect him.” Having reached the conclusion that he is a strong advocate for the Jewish state: They have informed me that if I were to take part in the election, I would receive 98 percent of the votes. While I do not identify as Jewish, I am a friend of Israel. As opposed to a large number of democratic Jews who are fighting against him.

Former United States President Donald Trump, who ran for the Republican nomination in the election that took place in November in the United States, has issued a warning to Israel that it is losing support from the world community and should “finish up” its war in Gaza.

In response to the attack carried out by Hamas on October 7, in which more than one thousand people were killed and more than two hundred were taken hostage, President Trump stated that he would have replied in the same manner as Israel, but that it was time to bring an end to the fight.

More than 32,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since Israel launched its bombardment of the area nearly six months ago. Palestinians have been slain in Gaza.

Trump stated, “You have to finish up your war,” in an interview that was reportedly conducted over the weekend and published in the Israel Hayom newspaper, which is believed to be a right-wing publication. “You have to complete it, you have to get it done,” the speaker said.

It was after the United Nations Security Council had decided for an immediate ceasefire that Trump’s statements were made public. Following Washington’s decision to abstain from utilising its veto, the proposal was ultimately approved.

Israel has declared that it will continue its offensive until Hamas is destroyed and the remaining detainees are liberated. Further, Israel intends to advance into the city of Rafah, which is located in the southern part of Gaza and is home to more than a million Palestinians who have sought safety there. Concerns have been voiced in the United States regarding the idea.

During the course of the conversation, Trump made the following statement: “Israel needs to be very careful because you are losing a lot of the world and you are losing a lot of support.”

Trump routinely promotes himself as a supporter of Israel, citing his decision to relocate the United States Embassy to Jerusalem and his administration’s role in mediating the Abraham Accords of 2020, which resulted in the normalisation of relations between Israel and a number of Arab nations, notably the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

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