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United States: in Texas, fires out of control kill one person

By triji Mar 1, 2024

At least one person has been killed by fires that are burning in North Texas, and firefighters are struggling to bring under control one of the largest fires in the history of the state in the United States, according to reports from local media.

A grandmother who was 83 years old passed away as a result of the fire that was ravaging North Texas, according to a statement that was made to the local media by an official from Hutchinson County on the evening of Wednesday, February 28. The official also stated that at least twenty buildings had been damaged in the area. Only three percent of the Smokehouse Creek fire, which was an area that was famous for its meadows, was contained. A total of 344,000 hectares have already been consumed by the massive fire, which spread as a result of high winds and temperatures that were unseasonably warm.

Approximately one hundred kilometers to the east, in the town of Canadian, which has approximately 2,300 residents, ” several houses burned,” Mayor Terrill Bartlett said CNN. However, ” fortunately, no one was seriously injured ” It has been reported by Chad Myers, a meteorologist for CNN, that the fire is moving at a rate equivalent to two football fields per second. Over forty-four thousand acres have been consumed by the five fires that are still active in the state, one of which being the Smokehouse Creek fire. 18 additional fires had been put out by the time Wednesday evening rolled around.

According to the National Weather Service in Amarillo, the largest city in the region, cool temperatures “accompanied by light winds” were expected to be expected on Wednesday. This should help firefighters battle fires, according to the authorities, who hope. In the city from Borger, authorities shared images of areas that were still smoldering and had been devastated by fire. They said that they had built a shelter for persons who had been displaced. In addition, orders to evacuate were issued for a significant portion of the neighboring town of Fritch, which was suffering from a significant lack of water and electricity.

On Tuesday, February 27, Governor Greg Abbott issued a declaration of a state of disaster for sixty counties. A nuclear weapon facility in the United States has been temporarily shut down due to fires that occurred close to the city of Amarillo. According to a spokeswoman named Karine Jean-Pierre, vice president Joe Biden of the United States of America is being kept apprised of the situation, and the White House is in communication with officials who are on the front lines of the fire. During the course of this week, cities all around the United States and Canada recorded temperatures that were unprecedented for the month of February, with some even experiencing scorching heat. According to the opinions of specialists, the El Nino weather phenomena is also to blame, in addition to the effects of climate change.

Deidra Thomas, who is in charge of public engagement, told CNN that one person has passed away as a result of the fires in Hutchinson County, which is one of the locations that was affected the worst. Her family has determined that the woman in question is Joyce Blankenship, who was a substitute teacher in the past and is now 83 years old.

The fire, which has been given the moniker Smokehouse Creek, has now consumed 1.1 million acres, which is more area than Rhode Island has in its entirety.

On Facebook, the West Odessa Fire Department stated that the fire “is now both the largest and most destructive fire in Texas History.” This fire has surpassed the East Amarillo Complex fire, which was responsible for the destruction of over 900,000 acres in 2006.

It is now the second largest wildfire in the history of the United States, according to the department itself.

According to the Forest Service, there are currently five ongoing wildfires in the state. Each of these flames is responsible for the destruction of tens of thousands of acres, the melting of light poles, and the reduction of structures to charred skeletons.

It was reported by the Texas A&M Forest Service that the winds had slowed down slightly, which contributed to the fire’s spread becoming more manageable.

It was anticipated that the northern panhandle of the state would get rain and milder temperatures on Thursday, which could be beneficial to the efforts being made to put out the fire.

Wind gusts and possible tornadoes are pounding the city of Chicago.

According to Seth Christensen, the spokesman for the Texas Division of Emergency Management, hundreds of firefighters and other first responders have been dispatched to the region that has been affected by the incident.

Following the opening of a disaster center in one of the cities that were impacted, the Red Cross said that it would open another center on Friday.

On Wednesday, Governor Abbott also gave the go-ahead for extra state resources to be used in the fight against the flames. These resources include 94 firefighters, 33 fire engines, and six air tankers.

Based on the information provided by the Forest Service and the local law enforcement, the Smokehouse Creek Fire has resulted in the evacuation of a number of localities, including a neighborhood within the city of Amarillo, as well as neighboring areas.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning to individuals living in the vicinity of Amarillo, advising them to stay inside with their pets due to the bad quality of the air. Warnings have been issued to farmers in Texas regarding the potential impact that this could have on agricultural and livestock.

On Wednesday, the sheriff’s office for Potter County, which includes Amarillo, posted a notification on Facebook, informing people of the prospect of being required to evacuate their homes during the emergency situation.

In the message, the words “We will be knocking on your doors to let you know that you need to leave!” were written in all capital letters. If we are talking about that, there is no room for negotiation. Take a few items with you, and then leave.

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