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US: Presumptive Trump vice-president Kristi Noem was blasted for killing her dog.

By triji Apr 27, 2024

During her biography, the governor of South Dakota describes the circumstances surrounding the death of her trained pheasant-hunting dog, which resulted in a public outrage.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – memories that she probably ought to have kept to herself throughout that time. Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, has probably been a bit less so in recent hours. She is currently in an excellent position to become Donald Trump’s running mate for the presidential election that will take place in November, and consequently vice president in the event that the billionaire wins the election.

In an excerpt from her memoirs that was published by The Guardian on Friday, April 26, the American politician provides a detailed explanation of the manner in which she went about killing her dog. This is where the problem resides. It was sufficient to provoke a commotion on the other side of the Atlantic, which serves as a passing reminder that the cruelty of animals has never been well received by the political system in the United States. In contrast, neither Mitt Romney nor Ronald Reagan will be the ones to declare the opposite.

“Extremely difficult to train”

In this book, which will be published on May 7 and is simply titled No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward, the member of the Republican Party reflects on this particular event in her life, which occurred when she attempted to train Cricket, a wirehaired pointer who was 14 months old.

Pheasant hunting was supposed to be the outcome of this girl with a “aggressive personality” being groomed for the sport. However, the dog training session turned out to be a release for the animal as she was attempting to train her by taking her hunting with larger dogs. Cricket went “crazy with excitement, chasing all the birds and having the time of her life,” as Kristi Noem describes it in these excerpts that have been reported.

In spite of the multiple attempts that Kristi Noem made to soothe the animal, she was only able to watch as Cricket raced away to attack the hens of a neighbor, causing a great deal of destruction. As a result, the governor of South Dakota made the choice to get rid of the animal, which he deemed “impossible to train,” “dangerous,” and “worthless… as a hunting dog.” This decision was reached after the governor had repaid the owner of the chickens and avoided being bitten by his dog.

There are three horses, a dog, and a goat.

Cricket was eventually put down by Kristi Noem, who brought the little puppy into a gravel pit for the purpose. Despite the fact that it was unpleasant work, it had to be completed. “And once it was over, I understood that I had to do another unpleasant job,” says the Republican leader, who is 52 years old. She then moves on to tell the story of her goat, which is equally as “nasty” because it was not castrated.

mainly due to the fact that the goat, in addition to having a stench that was described as “reprehensible, musty, and rancid” by its owner, had the bothersome habit of running after her children. What is the outcome? In the same spot, Kristi Noem guided this second animal to its destination. It is also stated by her that she failed to take the shot, which resulted in the goat being able to flee for a short period of time until she ultimately ended up killing him (in front of workers who promptly resumed their job after falling under the gaze of the politician).

It was consequently his intention to demonstrate his strong political and personal willpower through the use of this incident, stating that he was willing to get his hands dirty if it was something that simply needed to be done. On the other hand, the latter also admitted that a “better politician” would never write a narrative of this nature.

Those who have a strong affinity for animals are likely to have been particularly offended by the governor’s actions. These individuals did not fail to make their disapproval known on social media platforms, comparing her in particular to the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

But there is nothing that can stop the governor of this state in the northern part of the United States from doing so, as she herself responded to criticism of her relationship with animals by revealing that she had lately “killed three horses,” which had been in the family for the past quarter of a century. Before going on to say that she “loves animals,” she went on to say that “difficult decisions like this happen all the time on a farm.”

following this article, the close friend of the 45th President of the United States made a pledge to readers of the extracts that were released by the British newspaper that her book had others that were “more real, honest, and politically incorrect.” She did not intend to keep a low profile following this story.–Para-el-manejo-efi/10648196


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