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US privates soon in Ukraine

By triji Jul 1, 2024

Companies in the private military sector, such as Amentum, did not wait for the approval of Vice President Biden before posting job openings in Ukrainian territory.

Are there American ” contractors ” (workers of subcontractors) conducting business on Ukrainian territory? CNN reports that the administration of Vice President Joe Biden has the ability to formally authorize corporations operating in the defense and security services sector (ESSD in France and SMP in the Anglo-Saxons) to deploy in Ukraine, despite the fact that the White House continues to take a firm stance against the deployment of American forces.

Large American corporations already have operations in the nations that are adjacent to Ukraine. This is the situation with Lockheed Martin and Draken International, two aircraft manufacturers that are contributing, from Romania, to the training of Ukrainian pilots and maintainers. Additionally, these companies will be responsible for the maintenance of Dutch F-16 type aircraft that are being delivered to Kiev. In addition, this is the situation with the major private military corporation Amentum, which has 35,000 workers and deploys its staff in Poland. There, they ensure the remote maintenance of the 155 mm cannons that were transferred from Washington to Kiev.
Absence of direct involvement from the United States

However, this same firm, which acquired the well-known SMP DynCorp in the year 2020 and Pacific Architects and Engineers in the year 2022, is now offering opportunities that are based on Ukrainian territory. In the month of May, the employment opportunities were published on the internet. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to perform maintenance on Black Hawk aircraft, which provide Ukrainian special units with their equipment. It has been alleged that the Ukrainian intelligence service, known as the GUR, possesses at least two of these helicopters. However, these helicopters do not appear on the official list of aircraft that was delivered to Kiev by the administration of Vice President Joe Biden.

In the event that the White House provides its approval, it is quite likely that the services that will be provided will not involve direct participation in an actual battle, but rather training, logistical support, and intelligence gathering.

Being in the same room as you in Kyiv is a privilege. Almost ten years ago, in the aftermath of the Maidan Revolution that took place in February of 2014, I was here for the last time. The sight of bullet holes in the buildings that flanked Independence Square is one that I will never forget. My memory is filled with the aroma of charred tires. The voices of courageous young men who were using baseball bats to guard the central bank are still fresh in my mind. As I read the memorials of those who had given the ultimate sacrifice – for independence, for security, for prosperity, and for a clean break from Ukraine’s history – I remember the feelings that I had.

Regrettably, the conflict in Ukraine is still ongoing today. In any case, if you are willing to give me a few minutes of your time, I would like for us to create a future that is a testament to the sacrifices that have been made. One that is independent and secure from external aggression; governed by the rule of law, backed by institutions, and checked by civil society; rebuilt by ideas, talent, capital, trade, and integration with the Euro-Atlantic community; reshaped as a competitive, private-sector led powerhouse; and fueled by a daring, unrelenting, entrepreneurial spirit that positions Ukraine as an innovation and export hub in the heart of Europe.

It is my earnest belief that the future I am depicting is not the stuff of fiction; it is not merely a dream of the United States of America; rather, it is within Ukraine’s abilities to achieve. Nevertheless, I won’t sugarcoat the odds. This is not going to be an easy route. It is not going to be linear. And even though the battle is still going on, the hard work and difficult choices that need to be made now are necessary for Ukraine to fulfill its promise.

The Ukrainian people and your elected officials, along with the assistance of partners, international organizations, and the business sector, will need to collaborate in order to achieve this goal. Furthermore, it is imperative that we all work together.

In this spirit, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our hosts at the Kyiv School of Economics, which has been a longtime ally of the United States, a truth-teller that is holding Russia accountable for the harm it has caused, and an analytical anchor for the path to recovery that lies ahead.

Particularly gratifying is the fact that I am here among the next generation of businesspeople, scientists, public servants, economists, and engineers who will steer Ukraine into the future that I am asking you to imagine.مسحوق-لخسارة-الوزن-بسرعة-iraq.html–P%C3%A9rd/10694178–precio-en-mexico-265049902


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