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Zelensky asks Congress to balance Turkey’s role in the Ukraine war. Nighttime update

By triji Mar 20, 2024

Zelensky is pleading with a Republican senator for the speedy approval of American aid for Ukraine, and the leader of the Party of the European Left is calling for “negotiation” to end the war.

All of these events are taking place at the same time that Turkey is attempting to accommodate both Russia and Ukraine. until provide an update on the evening of Monday, March 18, 2024, until Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey, extended his congratulations to Vladimir Putin on the occasion of his election in Russia. This occurred on Monday, March 18, 2018. Turkey is one of the few countries that has managed to maintain a connection with Ukraine and the country that invaded it.

In the meantime, in Kiev, Volodymyr Zelensky is attempting to persuade Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator who is close to Trump, of the significance of unblocking the situation on American aid for Ukraine in Congress. At the same time, the leader of the Party of the European Left is declaring that “it is time to negotiate” in order to put an end to the massacre.

In addition, the head of Turkish diplomacy, Hakan Fidan, stated that this war must be stopped during an interview that took place on Monday evening on the private television channel CNN Turk. It is still going on, but tens of thousands of moms are burying their children on both sides of the conflict.

Despite the fact that he was concerned about “a risk of proliferation” of the conflict in the region, he believed that all parties had a great deal to lose and virtually little to gain. Having a conversation about “European troops, nuclear threats, all of this is dangerous”

Turkey is one of the few countries inside the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that has expressed a desire for peace. We have a president that is advocating for peace,” he recalled. Ankara has made it a point to retain relations with both Kiev and Moscow ever since the conflict in Ukraine began.

On multiple times, Ankara has extended its good offices to facilitate a negotiated departure from the conflict between the two nations, who share a border with Turkey on the Black Sea.

“It is of critical importance for us that Congress quickly completes all the necessary procedures and makes a decision” on the aid that has been blocked for months due to procrastination between Democrats and Republicans, Volodymyr Zelensky declared this Monday, March 18, during a meeting in Kiev with Senator Lindsey Graham, according to a press release from the Ukrainian presidency. Zelensky made this statement during the meeting.

During the course of several months, the administration of Joe Biden has been requesting that a fresh aid package be approved for Kiev. This package would include sixty billion dollars in economic and military assistance. According to Agence France-Presse, it continued to be stalled in Congress despite the fact that it was adopted by the Senate with a majority approval from Democrats.

A disagreement about the regulation of immigration in the United States has resulted in the members of the House of Representatives, who are supporters of Donald Trump, refusing to examine the text in its current form. As a result, the approval of this bill has been placed on hold. Senator Lindsey Graham is a supporter for loans with no interest attached to them.

Ukraine, which has been under Russian occupation for two years, is currently engaged in a struggle against the Russian army, which is superior in terms of the number of soldiers as well as the quantity of weaponry and ammunition. Russian forces have made significant advances into a number of different areas of the front in eastern Ukraine during the past few weeks.

Walter Baier, the chairman of the most prominent extreme left group in Europe, stated that it was “time to negotiate” in order to bring an end to the conflict that Russia had started against Ukraine. He also stated that he “full support” the recent statements made by Pope Francis.

“I believe that helping the Ukrainian people means making efforts to try to end the war,” claimed this Austrian communist communist, who is 70 years old. He was nominated at the end of February as a candidate for president of the European Commission by the Party of the European Left (PGE), which he is the president of.

During an interview that took place on Monday with the “European Newsroom,” which is a gathering of European press organizations including Agence France-Presse, he was speaking. He made it clear that the PGE, which is comprised of 26 different member parties and has recently approved its program in preparation for the elections to the European Parliament that will take place in June, “absolutely”

In the following sentence, Walter Baier recounted the fatalities and destruction that had been inflicted by the war that had lasted for two years and added that the front in Ukraine had “frozen.” He proceeded by saying, “I would like the European Union (…) to make diplomatic efforts to begin negotiations in order to achieve a ceasefire and obtain the withdrawal of Russian troops.”

Die Linke in Germany, the French Communist Party, and even Syriza in Greece are all members of the Party of the European Left, which is opposed to the expansion of NATO and “the new arms race in Europe.” The Party of the European Left is firmly opposed to both of these issues. The observer status is held by ten different parties, one of which being France In soumise.

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