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A few hours have passed since the lawyer representing Alexei Navalny was detained in Moscow.

By triji Feb 28, 2024

The lawyer for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who accompanied his mother last week as she confronted Russian officials to reclaim her son’s remains, was temporarily jailed in Moscow, according to reports from Russian media.

After some time had passed, the attorney, Vasily Dubkov, informed the independent media outlet “Verstka” that he had been exonerated. It was claimed by “Verstka” that Mr. Dubkov did not comment on the cause for his detention, but he did say that it was a barrier to him being able to practice his profession as a lawyer.

On the previous Saturday, eight days after Alexei Navalny passed away unexpectedly in an Arctic prison, his mother, Lyudmila, was able to fetch her son’s remains with the assistance of a lawyer with whom she had been working.

She had earlier stated that she believed the investigators were attempting to frighten her by stating that they would not give her the remains of her son unless she abandoned the public funeral, something she had refused to accept beforehand.

In response to this charge, the spokesperson for President Vladimir Putin has stated that it is completely ludicrous.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Navalny stated that his associates had not been successful in locating a location where a burial service may be performed in his honor despite their best efforts. With regard to one particular instance, she stated that she was informed that “funeral agencies were forbidden to work for them.”

Navalny, who was 47 years old and Russian’s most popular opposition politician, passed away unexpectedly on February 16 in a jail located in the Arctic Circle. He was serving a sentence of 19 years in prison at the time of his death.

A lawyer for Alexei Navalny, the leader of the Russian opposition, who passed away earlier this month while incarcerated, has been held for a short period of time in Moscow.

According to several Russian news outlets, Vasily Dubkov was detained for “violating public order.”

There has been no confirmation from Russian authorities on his arrest or the reason for his detention. However, Mr. Dubkov disclosed to the news station Verstka that he was released later on Tuesday.

Mr. Dubkov traveled with Navalny’s mother to the Arctic prison colony, which is where he passed away on February 16th this year.

During the month of October 2023, further attorneys for Navalny, namely Vadim Kobzev, Igor Sergunin, and Aleksei Lipster, were taken into custody on charges of “extremism.”

Olga Mikhailova, another attorney for the opposition leader, stated in January that she had been charged with the same offense and had made the decision to continue living in exile following her conviction.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation, which was managed by Navalny, was outlawed by the Russian government in 2021 for “extremism” in the organization’s statement.

The authorities at the prison kept the body of the opposition leader for more than a week after he had passed away. His mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, followed Mr. Dubkov on her journey to fetch his remains from the distant “Polar Wolf” jail, which is where he had been held when he passed away.

After eight days had passed since his passing, the body was made available to his mother. It was reported that Mrs. Navalnaya was threatened by the authorities, who desired for her son to be buried in a “secret” manner.

The associates of Navalny have stated that they are looking for a location where they may hold a public memorial service for the former head of the opposition.

On the other hand, Kira Yarmysh, who serves as the press secretary for Navalny, stated on Tuesday that the majority of the funeral homes that they had contacted had declined to permit a ceremony to take place on their premises.

“When the name Navalny is mentioned, some establishments claim that the premises are occupied, while others refuse to allow entry. At one location, we were informed in a direct manner that funeral agencies were not permitted to collaborate with us,” Ms. Yarmysh recorded in her writing.–65d33150c6b12

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