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According to Mediterranean survivors, 60 migrants died en route from Libya.

By triji Mar 15, 2024

Those who were rescued from a raft that was sinking in the Mediterranean Sea have revealed that approximately sixty individuals who had embarked on the journey with them from Libya a week ago have passed away while they were on their adventure.

This information was disclosed by the humanitarian rescue organization SOS Mediterranee on Thursday. On Wednesday, the ship Ocean Viking, which belonged to a European organization, ran aground with a total of 25 passengers on board.

The Italian Coast Guard dispatched aircraft to bring two of them to safety so that they could receive medical assistance. Both of them were unconscious. The remaining twenty-three individuals were in critical condition, exhausted, and dehydrated.

All of the survivors are male, and twelve of them are under the age of 18, according to Francesco Creazzo, who is the spokesperson for the organization SOS Mediterranee.

They are originally from the Gambia, Mali, and Senegal.

According to Mr. Creazzo, the survivors were unable to recall the events that transpired throughout the expedition since they were subjected to traumatic experiences.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that between the beginning of the year and March 11, 227 persons have lost their lives while traveling through the Central Mediterranean region. This number does not include the most recent reports of those who have gone missing or are assumed dead.

During the period beginning on January 1, a total of 279 individuals have lost their life in the Mediterranean.

During the same time period, this route was utilized by 19,562 individuals who traveled to Italy.

A total of 113 individuals who were stranded in international waters were rescued by the Ocean Viking on Wednesday evening.

The survivors of a rubber boat that was rescued in the central Mediterranean Sea indicated that at least sixty individuals who had departed Libya with them a week ago had died while they were traveling. This information was provided by a charity rescue outfit.

SOS Mediterranee announced on Thursday that it had recovered 25 persons who were in a “very weak” condition the previous day. The rescue operation was carried out in collaboration with the Italian coastguard.

Moreover, two people who were unconscious were transported to Sicily by helicopter, but they passed away later.

During an interview on X, SOS Mediterranee stated that the survivors had left Zawiya, which is located in Libya, seven days prior to their rescue.

It took three days for their engine to break, which resulted in their boat becoming lost and adrift for several days without any food or water. On the way, survivors have reported that at least sixty individuals, including women and at least one child, had lost their lives,” the article went on to say.

Francesco Creazzo, a spokesman for the rescue organization, stated that all of the survivors were male, and twelve of them were children. It was from Senegal, Mali, and The Gambia that they originated.

The group that was collected gathered testimonials, and according to those accounts, the boat was lost at sea for approximately one week. Survivors stated that many people were killed, and many others are still missing.

Immediately after the incident, the Italian Coast Guard did not provide any remark. The occurrence was described as “deeply troubled” by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which expressed its concern.

The agency stated on X that “urgent action is required to strengthen maritime patrols and prevent further tragedies.” Urgent action is required.

According to SOS Mediterranee, the path that the migrants were attempting to traverse, which is the central Mediterranean route, is one of the most perilous marine migration routes in the world.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), about 2,500 migrants lost their lives or went missing while traveling along the route in the previous year, and the number of migrants who have died or gone missing on the route so far this year is 226.

In an effort to reduce the number of migrants who are crossing from North Africa, Italy and other governments within the European Union are providing Libya and Tunisia with financial assistance and other resources in order to assist in putting a stop to the departures from their respective beaches.

During the attempt to reach Europe from Libya, a migrant boat experienced a power outage, which resulted in the deaths of at least sixty individuals, according to a statement released by an assistance organization on Thursday.

Survivors have reported that at least sixty people, including women and at least one kid, had passed away while traveling, according to SOS Mediterranee, which is based in Marseille.

224 persons who were rescued from various boats are currently being transported on the Ocean Viking rescue ship, which is currently making its way toward port. Among them are twenty-five people who disappeared from a boat that, according to the survivors, had set sail from Zawiya, Libya, on March 8; however, the motor of the boat failed three days later.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is owned and operated by the United Nations, expressed that it was “deeply troubled by news of a shipwreck in the Central Mediterranean.”According to SOS Mediterranee, passengers have stated that they have been floating without any food or water over several days.

The manner in which people who had passed away were claimed to have lost their lives was not immediately readily apparent. The AFP was not in a position to confirm the number of casualties at the time. Furthermore, Ocean Viking has rescued 113 individuals from “an overloaded inflatable craft” on Wednesday night, and an additional 88 individuals were saved from the same vessel on Thursday.

Ancona, which is located on the eastern coast of Italy, has been instructed to receive it. According to SOS Mediterrannee, the city is located 1,450 kilometers (900 miles) away from its current location. “Somewhere closer to put ashore” was the request that the relief organization made to the Italian authorities, she claimed.

Since 2016, SOS Mediterranee has been responsible for the rescue of over 39,000 migrants in the Mediterranean region, the majority of them were on the Central Mediterranean route, which is considered to be the most dangerous migrant passage in the world.

According to numbers provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 3,105 migrants either perished or were reported missing while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea and reach Europe in the previous year.–india/?v=0–65f3d36a68168#goto5281

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