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Marta Castro explodes in ‘GH VIP’ revealing her true adversary.

By triji Mar 15, 2024

It appears like Marta Castro is still unable to create a connection with a few of her coworkers on General Hospital VIP 8.

In front of the other participants, Rodri Fuertes has exploded because he believes that his fiancée does not belong in the Guadalix house. This sentiment has caused him to lose his cool.

On Thursday, one of the two distinct groups will see a member departure, and the other group will continue to be distinct. In this way, the influencer has admitted who she wants to see outside of herself, which makes it abundantly evident that she does not have a harmonious relationship with one of the people who live in the house.

After the circumstances surrounding Marta Castro’s relationship with Adara Molinero‘s ex-boyfriend became public knowledge, Big Brother made her a firm bet. However, the reality is that she chooses to have a low profile and stays in the background, rather than providing content as she would otherwise.

To this point. One month after the beginning of the trip in Guadalix de la Sierra, Fonsi Nieto’s ex-girlfriend has gone off the deep end. The participants are experiencing some level of anxiety as a result of tonight’s nominations, and the conflict between the two camps is intensifying.

One of the two groups will suffer a member loss tonight as a result of Gustavo, Albert, and Pilar’s decision to put their long-term participation in the competition at risk. There is a lot of speculation among the contenders about who will be eliminated by the public, but Marta is very clear about who should be selected next.

On the other hand, his chosen option is not one of the nominees. During their discussion of the events that are scheduled to take place tonight, the influencer brought up another colleague who is not in danger of being expelled. Let me introduce you to Álex Caniggia, who, although referring to him as “a good guy,” is urging him to withdraw from the competition as soon as possible.

“He has come to what he has come to and it is a shame that he does not want to make friends,” all of the participants agreed. It appears that the young man is driving Marta’s group absolutely insane, and Fonsi’s ex-girlfriend has reached the point where she can no longer take it. “He’s like a hooligan boy who wants to get into mischief,” Jessica Bueno shared her thoughts about the individual.

The members of Castro’s group are hopeful that he will be nominated for the award since they do not approve of certain attitudes exhibited by the Argentine. Albert Infante is the only person who could travel out of the house tonight, which is something that Marta would not mind at all. “I hope one of them leaves and takes a host,” suggested Rodri’s girlfriend. “I hope they all leave.”

Marta’s feelings towards Álex appear to be mutual, and the Argentine would be hoping that the influencer would be considered for the award. This information was disclosed by her at a discussion with her group, during which they discussed the possibility of forming a coalition for the upcoming nominations.

Caniggia selected Fonsi Nieto’s ex-wife as the candidate for the highest points in the debate over the distribution of points and who on the other side should receive the greatest points. On the other hand, Carmen Alcayde and Albert chose not to agree with this option.

“I don’t want to nominate her because I like her, but the day Marta is nominated, she wins by a landslide,” the presenter pointed out. “I love her.” The day that Rodri’s girlfriend is included in the list of nominees will almost certainly result in Carmen’s expulsion from the competition.

A ‘plan’ of this kind against Castro corresponds with the worst week of the influencer’s life, during which she admitted to being extremely dissatisfied with her lover. According to her, she stated that Rodri had let her down and had not fulfilled an agreement that they had struck before to her entering the house.

The former partner of Adara was tasked with an assignment that required him to dispatch a friend to the outskirts of Guadalix in order to yell a message to him. things she was able to comprehend and that would assist her in persevering throughout the competition. Since this has not yet taken place, the influencer’s spirits would have been completely down by this point.

By triji

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