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An American government investigation follows the death of a non-binary student.

By triji Mar 4, 2024

Nex Benedict, who passed away on February 8th, one day after an altercation in the restrooms for female students at his high school in Owasso, Oklahoma, used the neutral pronoun “iel” as well as the masculine pronoun “il,” according to the New York Times, citing friends of the student.

Nothing is known about the factors that led to the death of the person. The non-governmental organization known as Human Rights Campaign (HRC) reported that Nex had experienced “traumatic brain injuries that were violent and repeated throughout the course of the attack.”

During a video that was released by the police the previous week and was filmed at the hospital, Nex Benedict recounts the story of an agent who threw water on three young women who insulted him because of his sleeveless attire. After that, the three other students, including the next student, Benedict, are attacked.

In a letter that was sent to the Ministry of Education on February 21st, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) issued a statement stating that Nex Benedict had “passed away shortly after being brutally assaulted in his high school in Oklahoma.” This statement was made by the conservative state of the southern United States.

The individual in question responded by announcing on Friday that a “investigation” would be conducted with the local authorities in charge of schools in order to determine whether or not they had “reacted in an appropriate manner to allegations of sexual harassment based on gender.”

This announcement has been praised by HRC in a press release. According to the statement made by Kelley Robinson, the president of the organization, which was cited in the communiqué, the people who are close to Nex Benedict and the LGBT+ community in Oklahoma “are still waiting for responses to this tragic death.”

She has requested that the Ministry of Education “take immediate action in order to ensure that justice is served to Nex and that all students attending the Owasso High School and all other schools in Oklahoma are protected from bribery, harassment, and discrimination.”

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) stated in a letter dated February that “the death of Nex is the natural consequence of a vague of hatred that is growing upon the encounter with LGBTQ people,” particularly in conservative states.

Using the student’s family as evidence, the non-governmental organization (ONG) asserts that the student had started to receive bribes after the state of Oklahoma passed a law that prohibited transgender and non-binary individuals from gaining access to restrooms that corresponded to their identities.

In response to the suicide of a student who identified as non-binary and was 16 years old, the United States Department of Education has initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the student’s passing. LGBTQ+ rights organizations have condemned the school for ignoring a case of “harassment and discrimination.”

Nex Benedict, who passed away on February 8, a day after an altercation in the ladies’ restroom at his high school in Owasso, Oklahoma, used the gender-neutral pronoun “he” but also the masculine word “he,” according to the New York Times, which cited acquaintances of the student. Benedict’s death occurred on February 8.

It has not yet been determined what caused the death. On the other hand, the non-governmental organization Human Rights Campaign (HRC) stated that Nex experienced “violent and repeated head trauma during the attack.”

An officer is shown in a video that was released by the police last week and was filmed in the hospital. In the video, Nex Benedict is heard telling the officer that he threw water at three girls who were insulting him because of his attire. Fights broke out between Nex Benedict and the three other pupils after that.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) association issued a letter on February 21 requesting that the Ministry of Education initiate an investigation into the death of Nex Benedict. The petition stated that Benedict “died shortly after being brutally attacked in his high school in Oklahoma,” which is a conservative state located in the southern region of the United States.

The following day, on Friday, he made the announcement that a “investigation” would be conducted against the local school authorities in order to discover whether or not they had “responded appropriately to allegations of harassment based on sex.”

She called on the department to “act urgently to ensure justice for Nex and to ensure that all students at Owasso High School and all schools across Oklahoma are safe from bullying, harassment and discrimination”.

“Nex’s death is the natural consequence of a growing wave of hatred against LGBTQ+ people,” particularly in conservative states, HRC said in its February letter.

Citing his family, the NGO claims that the student began to be bullied after Oklahoma adopted a law prohibiting transgender and non-binary people from accessing bathrooms corresponding to their identity. which they refer to.

HRC welcomed this announcement in a press release. Nex Benedict’s loved ones and the Oklahoma LGBTQ+ community “are still waiting for answers following this tragic death,” said Kelley Robinson, president of the NGO, quoted in the press release.


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