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With her’relajá’ hand, Lucía Sánchez displays her ‘GH Dúo’ prize spending plan.

By triji Mar 4, 2024

As the winner of ‘GH Dúo 2’, Lucía Sánchez has been declared the most outstanding nominee.

The individuals in ‘GH Dúo’ bring to the notice of Lucía Sánchez the revelation of a personal information on Manuel González.

The ‘General Hospital Dúo 2’ briefcase, which María Jesús Ruíz personally presented to Lucía Sánchez with a great deal of emotion, was won by Lucía Sánchez, who defeated Asraf Beno with 53.1% of the votes. How incredibly powerful!

Since the beginning of the program, the native of Cadiz has made a number of promises, and the fact that she has demonstrated both her shortcomings and her strengths within the context of the “reality” has rewarded her with the opportunity to become one of the legendary winners of Telecinco’s most famous program. Continue to read!

She stated that she wanted people to fully come to know her, and not just her side in “The Island of Temptations,” which we had already seen she repeated the experience of. She then entered Guadalix de la Sierra and said that she wanted people to know her full. Initially, she was in a relationship with Manuel González,

with whom she put her relationship to the test and it ended up being unsuccessful. Subsequently, she was also disloyal to Isaac Torres in the film “The Last Temptation.” “The Last Temptation” It is already common knowledge that she has not been fortunate in love; nevertheless, at least in the game, she has managed to acquire a briefcase that is widely sought after.

During the course of the ‘General Hospital Duo’ competition, the candidate has revealed her innermost thoughts to the entire audience as well as her companions. She has shared her experiences of living with Manuel, hurling objects at her head, discussing her fears, and even revealing the cuckolding that Isaac Torres has given her while she was pregnant. And in the meantime, she has been able to develop her friendship with Manuel, as well as with Mayka, who was initially mistrustful of her, and they have ended up being quite close.

What Lucía Sánchez intends to do with the ‘GH Dúo’ prize? During the twenty-four hours of ‘GH Duo,’ we witnessed Lucía discussing the financial challenges she faced at home. As a result, we were able to gain the support of social networks and numerous influencers who were on her side.

As a result, we were able to secure the prize for the Cádiz native, allowing him to be with his daughter and the rest of his family, whom he had missed so much. And what exactly is she going to do with the money that she won through the competition? When it was told to everyone, everyone ended up getting excited.

The same evening that he loudly raised the award, with his little hands not’relaxing’ and the entire set standing up and clapping, he also disclosed the item that he desired to purchase with the prize money… Let us not forget that the amount is merely fifty thousand euros. “I dedicate it to my daughter,” she said after the joy of the moment, the jumps, and the tears, she sat down with Marta Flich and answered the question that moved all of us. “I dedicate it to my daughter,” she said. “The first thing I want to do is see my daughter and spend a super quiet day with her, walking her, going with her to the park,” said the father.

In addition, he has made it very obvious that he is eager to assist his parents since “they are in need of it.” However, the unexpected destination that he is going to give the money to is what has led everyone to drop a tear: “As I have stated above,” In light of this, I would like to search out young people who are in need of assistance and provide it to them. I am aware that this is a very significant endeavor, and I would like to offer my own little bit to it.

I have to educate myself on something that is for children, but it is something that will assist them in leading a more fulfilling life. It may be either food or clothing, I’m not sure,” he admitted outright.We hope that we haven’t picked the wrong winner! Her supporters have already stated that she is generous and transparent, and that she has provided us with wonderful times in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra that we will never forget. Could you possibly win this award? All we can do is answer yes.

After engaging in a time of introspection and coming to the realization that their relationship had a negative impact on her overall well-being, Lucía Sánchez made the decision to break ways with Isaac Torres. “I am not in a moment to dedicate time to anyone,” she added, highlighting the fact that she needs to concentrate on her own rehabilitation and empowerment. It was via her involvement in GH DÚO that she brought to light the difficulties she had to overcome, one of which was a struggle with poor self-esteem that was fueled by years of criticism and self-doubt.

Sánchez’s participation in the reality show was met with a great deal of controversy after it was over. Because of a heated disagreement that had place between Lucía and Manuel, another participant, she came dangerously close to leaving the competition. Due to the fact that the disagreement, which was based around nasty comments and accusations, spilled over onto social media, it caused a stir among both the viewers and the participants. Sanchez delivered a public apology to Manuel as part of an effort to reconcile their differences. In the apology, she acknowledged Manuel’s tendency to speak without filtering her words and expressed regret over the suffering that was caused.

Lucía Sánchez is resolute in her determination to move forward with her life, with a particular emphasis on healing and self-discovery, despite the difficulties and public scrutiny she encountered both during and the aftermath of the GH DÚO. By deciding to quit her relationship with Isaac Torres, she has taken a significant step toward liberating herself from the negative influences in her life and choosing a road that leads to personal development and happiness. Sánchez’s journey serves as an example for others who are going through similar problems, underlining the significance of self-care and personal well-being as she begins this new chapter in her life.


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