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Apple Music presents the top 10 musical albums of all time.

By triji May 23, 2024

Last but not least, the Apple Music platform has officially disclosed the top ten albums that round out the list of the 100 best albums in the history of music. The following will tell you what they are.

Apple Music’s 100 Best Albums list comes to a conclusion today with the much-anticipated release of the top 10 albums of all time, with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill being ranked as the number one album.

After learning the news, Lauryn Hill expressed her gratitude to Apple Music by saying, “This is my award, but it’s a rich, deep narrative, and it involves so many people, and so much sacrifice, and so much time, and so much collective love.”

In order to commemorate the occasion, Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden of Apple Music got down with Nile Rodgers, a famed record producer, writer, and performer, as well as Maggie Rogers, an artist and producer who has been nominated for a Grammy, to discuss the list. This discussion took place during a special roundtable that was broadcast worldwide on Apple Music today.

Apple Music’s 100 Best Albums is a contemporary list of the best recordings ever made, compiled by Apple Music’s team of experts in collaboration with a select group of artists, composers, producers, and industry professionals. This rating is a current 21st-century compilation of the best albums ever recorded. The list is an editorial statement that is completely independent of any streaming numbers on Apple Music. It is a love letter to the recordings that have shaped the world in which music lovers live and listen.

Not only is Beyoncé’s sixth album a genre-defying blockbuster, but it is also furious, defiant, agonized, vulnerable, experimental, muscular, triumphant, hilarious, and daring. It is a vivid personal statement that was issued without warning during a moment of public scrutiny and private sorrow. When it comes to Lemonade, every single second is worthy of being analyzed and appreciated.

This is Nile Rodgers (NR). This album was indeed a defining moment. In addition, I say this with a great deal of respect since I am aware of the challenges that she faced in order to accomplish what she achieved here.

As Zane Lowe (ZL) put it, it was enormous. Pioneering in nature. It was the first time that I had the impression that an artist of that stature, who was receiving that much attention, made the decision to take control of the narrative and share what they wanted to convey when they were dealing with that much attention.

Maggie Rogers (MR): I was in college when this song was released, and I remember pushing play on my laptop in my apartment, which was a walkup flat on the fifth floor in the East Village. It was the first time that I skipped class because I was halfway through the class, and I was like, I’m not leaving. Today is the day that I am required to be here… Her power and the way in which it is combined with her vulnerability is the thing that I keep hearing more than anything else. On this record, there is a compelling demonstration of the power that women possess.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” was the opening salvo of the album Nevermind, which not only marked an unanticipated breakthrough for the Seattle three, but it also upended popular culture in ways that had never been seen before and have never been seen since. Punk evolved into pop, grunge became a global vernacular, industry walls collapsed into rubble, and lead vocalist Kurt Cobain was hailed as the reluctant voice of a generation that was in need of catharsis. All of this occurred seemingly overnight.

ZL: When this record was released, it gave everyone who listened to it and associated with it the impression that we had at long last formed a band, a genuine band that was owned by us. And all of the things that we liked that felt connected to one another, seemed out of place, and were not being taken seriously — it was like, “Oh, you’re taking us seriously now.”

MR: The vulnerability of this record, in conjunction with the intensity of the way it sounded and the cultural moment that it bled into, caused something to be touched. They aspired to be the best, according to Ebro Darden (ED). They have a desire to compose outstanding music. Is it true that they aimed to give us complete and utter feelings? It was plausible.

It is not so much an attempt to re-create the past as it is to honor the music that she liked while yet remaining loyal to the trash-talking, self-effacing millennial that Amy Winehouse was. Her music has a different feel because of her presentation and her otherworldly, ageless vocals. The attitude of Back to Black is more akin to that of rap music, despite the fact that the band’s style may appeal to classical jazz aficionados and fans of retro-soul. Indeed, she had a great sense of humor. Nevertheless, she was not joking.

After thirty-five minutes, ZL: This is nothing but heartbreak. Unrequited, excruciating heartbreak that is sometimes meant for the dance floor, sometimes to sing along to, and sometimes to sway to — this is not something that should be twisted because of the joy that the music brings. There is a great deal of suffering that is the source of the songwriting.

ED: From the very beginning, I always had the impression that her voice was being sent to us from another era. For example, her vocal manner and the things that she was performing were, in a sense, timeless.

I have to say that whenever I hear an artist attempt to make a reference to anything that happened in the past, I always find myself thinking, “I would kind of just rather have the original thing…” Amy Winehouse, on the other hand, executed it in a way that truly took all of that legacy and then added something to it, furthering the progression of the tradition.

Good kid, m.A.A.d city, the second studio album released by Kendrick Lamar, is widely considered to be one of the pivotal hip-hop records of the 21st century. This album is a significant example of American storytelling that established the future Pulitzer Prize winner as probably his generation’s most accomplished writer. West Coast hip-hop elders such as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre anointed Lamar to carry on the tradition of gangsta rap, and the legacy of this album is a crucial example of American storytelling.
ZL: This is without a doubt one of the most exquisitely arranged, arranged, structured, and track-listed albums of the modern period.

Compton had just released a significant amount of hip-hop, and as a result, this young man was under a great deal of strain. On recorded material, the ability to offer narrative, bars, energy, and performance is a crucial component. A Black conscience, which is not something that is constantly present in hip-hop, was imparted by him. And for that reason, I am extremely pleased with the fact that it is ranked in the position that it is on this list.–664f12b9d43e5#goto7148—-morocco-166468496

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