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Biden has published his tax declaration, which is a practice that Trump has broken with the United States.

By triji Apr 16, 2024

An American tradition of transparency at the top of the state was momentarily disrupted under the administration of his predecessor

the White House, the billionaire tycoon Donald Trump. On Monday, Vice President Joe Biden made his tax return public, resuming the custom that had been in place since the beginning of his presidency.

The purpose of this non-obligatory practice, which is a yearly habit, is to ensure that individuals continue to have faith in the political leaders representing their communities. A number of other political leaders, in addition to candidates running for local and national elections, are involved in it.

According to their disclosure, the Bidens got a total of $619,976 in 2023. The majority of this sum was derived from the president’s salary of $400,000 and the income that his wife, Jill Biden, received for her teaching profession in Virginia, which was located close to the capital District of Washington.

The revenues in 2022 are roughly 580,000 dollars, which is an increase from the revenues in 2021, which were approximately 610,000 dollars.

According to a statement released by the White House, “President Biden is of the opinion that all individuals occupying the Oval Office are obligated to maintain transparency and honesty with the American people.” She continued by saying, “The long tradition of annually releasing presidents’ tax returns must continue without interruption,” which was a reference to the Trump administration that was only slight in its omission.

The reason for this is that the statement that the Biden couple has released this year comes just a few months before the presidential election that will take place in November, which will match the current Democratic president against the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump was a well-known businessman and media personality prior to being the idol of the American right, he made the decision to not adhere to the tradition of transparency that has been upheld by previous presidents, both Democrats and Republicans alike.

For the sake of transparency, presidents have historically made their annual tax returns, which include information on the sources of their income and the taxes they have paid, available to the public. During his one-term president, Donald Trump notably broke with tradition, refusing to come open about his financial situation on multiple occasions.

WASHINGTON (Associated Press) — In order to capitalize on the opportunity to campaign in the battleground state of Pennsylvania while Donald Trump spends the week in a courtroom in New York City for his first criminal trial, Vice President Joe Biden will be returning to his childhood hometown of Scranton on Tuesday. He will begin three consecutive days of campaigning in Pennsylvania.

As a backdrop for his argument in favor of greater taxes on the wealthy, the Democratic president intends to use Scranton, a community with approximately 75,000 residents that is considered to be a working class city. At the same time, he would paint Donald Trump, who is a billionaire himself and is predicted to be the Republican nominee for president, as a tool of affluent interests.

The purpose of all of this is to reframe the debate that is taking place about the economy, which has caused a lot of people in the United States to feel pessimistic about their financial positions at a time when inflation is tenacious and interest rates are elevated despite the fact that unemployment is low.

Scranton is where Vice President Biden intends to spend the night on Tuesday before traveling on to Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning. Following that, he returns to the White House, and on Thursday, he will make his way back to Pennsylvania, where he will pay a visit to Philadelphia.

Scranton, the first stop on the president’s itinerary, will provide Biden with an opportunity to combine his personal and political lives. The future president spent his childhood in a colonial mansion in the Green Ridge area that was three stories tall. However, when he was ten years old, his father was having trouble finding job and thus relocated the family to Delaware.

Despite the fact that Delaware later became the starting point for Biden’s political career, he frequently went back to Scranton and based his memoirs on the city. The frequency with which he traveled to Pennsylvania earned him the nickname “Pennsylvania’s third senator.”

In the year 2020, Vice President Joe Biden referred to the presidential campaign as “Scranton versus Park Avenue,” and his reelection team is presenting the race for this year in a manner that is analogous to in 2020.

In a statement made by Michael Tyler, the communications director for the campaign, he stated, “You’ve got Joe Biden, who sees the world from the kitchen table where he grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Donald Trump, who sees the world from his country club down in Mar-a-Lago.”

By the time this week is done, either Vice President Kamala Harris or Vice President Joe Biden will have traveled to the state eight times in 2018. This is a reflection of the significance of the state to Biden’s aspirations of being re-elected to a second term.

According to Daniel Hopkins, a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, “It is difficult to draw paths to Biden winning the White House that do not involve Pennsylvania.” I am referring to the state of Pennsylvania. Since Harry Truman in 1948, no Democrat has ever won the governorship of a state without also winning the presidency.

By triji

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