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Hunter Biden trial: Beau Biden’s widow reveals

By triji Jun 8, 2024

The brother of the defendant, Hunter Biden, is on trial for breaching US gun rules. On Thursday, the defendant’s brother’s widow described how she discovered the pistol in his truck, put it in a leather pouch, put it in a shopping bag, and discarded it outside a market near her house.

She said that when she saw the rifle and ammunition in the car’s console in October 2018, “I panicked and wanted to get rid of it.” “I didn’t want my kids to find it and hurt themselves, and I didn’t want it to hurt.”

The central allegations against the son of the US president center on Hunter Biden’s acquisition of the Colt revolver and Hallie Biden’s disposal of it. According to federal prosecutors, Hunter Biden bought the rifle while suffering from a severe crack addiction. Lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, lying on his application to claim he didn’t use drugs, and having the gun unlawfully for 11 days were the three felonies he was charged with.

Hunter Biden, who entered a not guilty plea, claimed that the Justice Department was being singled out and caving in to political pressure from Republicans. In the meantime, President Joe Biden ruled out giving his son a pardon in an interview with ABC, saying he would accept the jury’s decision.

After her brother Beau Biden passed away in 2015, Hallie Biden had a brief romantic engagement with Hunter. She testified that she didn’t witness him using drugs from the time he returned to Delaware in 2018 following a vacation to California until she threw away his pistol. This time frame encompassed the day he made the gun purchase.

Her evidence mostly concentrated on October 23, 2018, the day she threw away the gun, which was 11 days after he purchased it. Hunter lingered with her, looking worn out. The prosecutor asked her if Hunter looked like he was using drugs at the time, and she said, “He could have.”

Hallie Biden went to check on her car as Hunter slept at home. She expressed her desire to assist him in becoming or being alcohol- and cocaine-free. She claimed to have discovered drug paraphernalia and remnants of crack cocaine. She also discovered the rifle Hunter bought in a package that wouldn’t close all the way due to a faulty lock. Ammunition was also present.

Hallie claimed she pondered about hiding the pistol but ultimately threw it away because she was afraid her kids would find it.

“Now that I think about it, it was a dumb idea, but I was scared,” she admitted.

Throughout his testimony, Hunter Biden observed from the courtroom without expressing any emotion. She testified in court that she witnessed him taking crack cocaine and discovered it in her house. Occasionally, she accompanied him when he encountered drug traffickers.

Hallie Biden questioned her if she had taken the unloaded rifle when he spotted it missing at Janssen Market and threw it into the trash.

“Are you nuts?” he penned to her. He instructed her to return to the market and retrieve the rifle.

She was seen searching through the trash for the gun on the surveillance tape that was shown to the jurors, but it was missing. She questioned the store managers about who had removed the rubbish.

Because the gun was registered in his name, Hallie said Hunter advised her to submit it to the police. While she was still in the store, she contacted the police. The individual who had unintentionally removed the rifle and other recyclables from the trash was found and recovered by the officers. In the end, the case was dropped because Hunter Biden—who was purportedly the victim—did not cooperate.

The gun store employee also testified before the jury, describing how he guided Hunter Biden through a few alternatives before he decided on the $900 gun. After that, the employee observed the client fill out the Firearms Transaction Statement, which is a necessary paperwork for the purchase of a firearm. The customer checked the box for “no” when asked if he was “illegally using drugs or dependent” on stimulants, narcotics, marijuana, or any other restricted substance.

Former StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply employee Gordon Cleveland claimed to have witnessed Biden sign the document, which contains a disclaimer regarding the repercussions of providing incorrect information.

Some of the questions on the form, including “are you an illegal user of or addicted to” narcotics, are written in the present tense, as Lowell brought up during his cross-examination on Thursday. He implied that Hunter Biden didn’t think he was currently struggling with drug use.

Hunter Biden could spend up to 25 years in jail if found guilty, but first-time offenders rarely serve the whole sentence, so it’s unlikely that the judge would sentence him to that much time.ă-pentru-ingrijirea-gastritei-preț-in-romania.html—Gastromin-capsul%C4%83-pentru-%C3%AEn/10678647–gastromin-capsul-pentru-ngrijirea-gastritei-pre-n-romaniaă-pentru-ingrijirea-gastritei-preț-in-romania.html

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