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Washington saw thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters against Biden.

By triji Jun 10, 2024

In the United States, the president of the United States is receiving a great deal of criticism from individuals who are of the opinion that he is not exerting sufficient influence over the government of Israel.

It appears that the enthusiasm that was aroused by the plan that Joe Biden just offered for a ceasefire in Gaza is beginning to become less hopeful. In the streets of Israel on June 1, thousands of Israelis yelled “Biden is our only hope.” Today, thousands of pro-Palestinian activists are demonstrating in front of the White House in Washington, DC, to get their point across and voice their anger.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza, Joe Biden has provided Israel with unwavering support. However, in March, he projected that a significant operation in Rafah would be “a red line” that should not be crossed. However, in the wake of a terrible attack that occurred in this city at the end of May, the White House came to the conclusion that this “red line” had not been crossed.

The words “Biden’s red line” were a falsehood.

After eight months of fighting, demonstrators held a long banner that bore the names of Palestinians who had been slain by the Israeli army. They sang, “From Washington to Palestine, we are the red line.”

“Biden’s red line was a lie,” and “Bombing children is not self-defense” were two of the sentiments that were posted on Palestinian flags and signs. A caregiver named Tala McKinney, who is 25 years old, expressed her hope that the conflict will be resolved quickly, but she also stated that “clearly our president is not living up to his words.”

Joe Biden is under pressure to acquire the support of the population of Muslims and young people, who have traditionally linked themselves with the Democratic Party. This pressure comes just a few months before the presidential election, which will put him against his adversary and predecessor, Donald Trump.

An additional statement made by Tala McKinney was that “it is very disappointing to have a president who does not keep his word.” It has been said by her that she will not vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the upcoming election in November, but rather for a third candidate.

By triji

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