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Day 841 of the Ukraine War: Thursday, June 13 highlights

By triji Jun 15, 2024

On Thursday, June 13, the G7 in Italy struck “a political agreement” to use frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine. Kyiv and the US struck a 10-year security deal.

Thursday, June 13, during the G7 summit in southern Italy, the US and Ukraine inked a ten-year security agreement.

“Today, the United States is sending a strong signal of our strong support for Ukraine,” Joe Biden’s administration said shortly before the signing ceremony between the president and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, invited to join the G7.

A White House official claimed G7 leaders in Italy struck a “political agreement” to use interest on blocked Russian assets for Ukraine. Over 260 billion euros in Russian assets frozen since the conflict began in 2022 earn 2–3 billion euros in interest year. Ukraine will repay a $50 billion loan with these income.

Giorgia Meloni, whose country chairs the G7 this year, stated, “I confirm to you that we have reached a political agreement to provide additional financial support to Ukraine of around $50 billion by year end.”

Euroclear, a Belgian international fund deposit organization, has frozen 185 billion euros of Russian assets in the EU. This favors Europe over Russian assets. The US, Japan, UK, and Switzerland share the rest.

At the start of May, EU countries agreed to collect income from Russia’s frozen assets to arm Ukraine, a windfall of 2.5 to 3 billion euros each year.

The pro-Russian mayor of Gorlivka in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk area claimed one of two Russian journalists injured near the war line in Ukraine died.

“Valery Kozhin, a journalist, died,” Ivan Prikhodko said on Telegram. Valery Kozhin’s employer, NTV, announced his death.

NATO countries have only identified two Patriot or Samp-T anti-aircraft defense systems for Ukraine, which has requested them for months, some admitted.

At a NATO summit in Brussels, Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, said, “I have no announcement to make on the Patriot batteries today.”

Only Germany promised to provide a third Patriot battery in mid-April after sending two in response to the Ukrainians’ urgent demand. After three, we have no room to give more. Others must now offer these systems, said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

Since then, the Netherlands has been trying to put together a NATO “puzzle” to form a battery for Ukraine.

At the G7 summit in Italy, the UK announced further sanctions against Russia, targeting the Moscow Stock Exchange and the “ghost fleet” of ships used to skirt Western prohibitions since the invasion of Ukraine.

“We are again increasing economic pressure with sanctions to limit Russia’s war machine financing. In a Foreign Office statement, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated Putin must lose and we must cut off his financing for a long war.

NTV said that two journalists accompanying a Russian army unit were hurt in eastern Ukraine.

Gazprom-owned NTV said that correspondent Alexeï Ivliev, cameraman Valéri Kozhin, and the officer who escorted them were injured in a shelling by Ukrainian forces in Golmivsky village. The same source said they were evacuated to Gorlivka for surgery.

Russian state media journalists move as close as possible to the front in army units and broadcast news supporting the official position, portraying Russia as the savior of the seized East of Ukraine.

Putin said on June 5 that “at least 30” Russian journalists have been killed since he invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Volodymyr Zelensky expects “important decisions” during the G7 conference starting in Italy, including US-Japan security agreements.

A big part of this conference will focus on Ukraine, defense, and economic resiliency. Today should bring critical decisions, the Ukrainian president remarked on Telegram. Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine must establish “unprecedented” bilateral security agreements with Japan and the US.

Ukraine praised fresh US sanctions that strike Russia’s military effort “where it hurts”.

“These measures hurt. We applaud the harsh restrictions against Russia’s defense industrial sector and its access to technology and resources abroad, said Ukrainian diplomacy chief Dmytro Kouleba on social media.

According to an AFP copy of the letter, eight EU foreign ministers asked the head of European diplomacy to limit Russian diplomats’ Schengen travel.

The eight ministers claimed Russian diplomatic passport holders’ visa-free mobility in Schengen aids “malicious activities” while Moscow redoubles its EU discord efforts.

The signatories stated the measure will “significantly reduce the operational space of Russian agents.” They stated that the EU should restrict Russian diplomatic mission members and their families to the area of their accredited state.

The ministers of Czechoslovakia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania signed the June 11 letter.

Swiss officials reported “as expected” the first cyberattacks related to the Alpine country of the Peace Conference in Ukraine this weekend.

“These attacks are expected and there is currently no acute danger,” the Federal Office for Cybersecurity warned, without identifying the attackers.


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