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Israel attacks Gaza’s north, Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet. The 255th-day results

By triji Jun 19, 2024

In the morning of Monday, June 17, Israel carried out strikes on the northern part of Gaza, while witnesses reported hearing explosions in the southern part of the enclave. Several hundred captives who were being held in Gaza were still alive, according to a top Israeli official who was involved in discussions for the release of the hostages. Israel was aware of this fact with absolute certainty.

As of Monday, June 17, a senior Israeli official who was involved in the discussions for the release of the hostages stated that Israel was aware with absolute certainty that several dozen of the captives who were being held in Gaza were still alive.

The officer stated, “Dozens (of hostages) are definitely alive,” but he did so under the condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak publicly about the situation. He continued by saying, “We can’t leave them there for a long time because they will die.”

Following Benny Gantz’s resignation from his position as a centrist last week, the Israeli prime minister’s office has acknowledged that the war cabinet, which was formed in response to the attacks that took place on October 7 and resulted in the deaths of many people, has been dissolved. It was claimed by Israeli media earlier in the day that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the announcement that this exclusive group will be dissolved during a meeting of the security cabinet on Sunday.

An official spokesperson for Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, David Mencer, provided clarification by stating that the security cabinet will be responsible for making “decisions on issues relating to the war.” The primary group responsible for making decisions concerning the conflict with Hamas is the security cabinet, which is comprised of Yoav Gallant, Minister of Defense, Ron Dermer, Minister of Strategic Affairs, and Tzachi Hanegbi, National Security Advisor on the Israeli government.

On Monday, June 17, Israel carried out strikes on the northern part of the Gaza Strip, while witnesses reported explosions in the southern part of the Strip. However, the situation in the southern part of the Gaza Strip is somewhat peaceful, just like it was the day before, on the first day of the enormous Muslim festival of sacrifice.

However, an Israeli official noted that there was “no change in the policy of the Israeli army,” particularly in Rafah (South), where it initiated a military operation at the beginning of May, leading hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to evacuate. This was particularly the case in Rafah (South). individuals.

The Israeli military issued a statement in which it informed the public that it was still conducting operations in Rafah and the central Gaza Strip, and that it was involved in “close combat” with Palestinian fighters, of whom several were killed. There were two airstrikes that resulted in five deaths and several injuries, according to the medical staff at the Baptist Hospital in the northern part of Gaza City.

Since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement more than eight months ago, the health ministry of the government of Gaza, which is a territory administered by Hamas, has released a new dead toll of 37,347. According to what he claimed in a statement, there have been at least ten persons killed in the past twenty-four hours.

During his message to Muslims for Eid al-Adha on Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden of the United States of America backed the ceasefire plan that his country is supporting in Gaza. He expressed his belief that this plan is the most effective method to assist civilian victims of the “horrors of the war between Hamas and Israel.”

It is unacceptable that so many innocent people, including thousands of children, have been slain. Their neighborhoods have been destroyed, and families have been forced to flee their homes. On the celebration of the feast of sacrifice, also known as Eid-El-K├ębir, which is the largest holiday in the Muslim calendar and celebrates the sacrifice that God asked from Abraham in him, Joe Biden wrote in a news release that was published on the occasion of one of the most important holidays in the Muslim calendar. He demanded that his son be sentenced to death, but he was ultimately spared.

The Democratic president continued by saying, “I am convinced that Israel’s three-phase ceasefire proposal to Hamas, which is supported by the United Nations Security Council, is the most effective way to put an end to the violence in Gaza and, ultimately, is important, to put an end to the war.”!-paraguay-by-ecolait-paraguay


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