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Russia claims the US wants space weaponry.

By triji May 24, 2024

Will there eventually be battlefields in outer space? Following the rejection of a Russian draft resolution on the subject by the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, Russia made the accusation that the United States is attempting to carry out the deployment of weapons in space. The problem is that Washington has also made claims against Moscow that are very similar to these a few days ago.

It was the day after the United Nations Security Council rejected a Russian draft resolution on this subject, and it was also the day after identical charges were made by Washington towards Moscow. On Tuesday, Russia accused the United States of attempting to deploy weapons in space. Despite the fact that a treaty on outer space has been in place since 1967, which states that “no nuclear weapons or any other weapon of mass destruction designed specifically to be placed in orbit” should be developed, these accusations and counter-accusations have reignited the fear of a possible arms race in orbit, which had been extinguished since the end of the Cold War.

preventing the deployment of military forces in space

According to Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, the United States has proved that it intends to “place weapons in outer space and make it an arena of military confrontation” by rejecting the Russian statement on Monday. This occurred after Washington and its allies rejected the Russian text. “A new opportunity to prevent an arms race in space was missed due to the fault of the United States and its allies,” added Maria Zakharova, justifying the Russian draft resolution as a “constructive initiative.” Zakharova was referring to the possibility that the United States and its allies had missed.

At the end of April, the United States of America and Japan presented their own draft resolution to the Security Council in an effort to prevent the militarization of space. However, Russia vetoed the resolution, citing the fact that it solely concentrated on nuclear weapons as the primary subject of the text.

A text that was not accepted

On Monday, Russia and China introduced a draft resolution that mostly replicated the text that had been blocked in April. The resolution also called on all member states to take “urgent measures to forever prevent the placement of weapons in space and the threat or use of force in space.”

Although seven countries, including Russia, China, and Algeria, voted in support of the text, seven countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, voted against it, and Switzerland abstained from voting, the text did not receive the nine votes required to be adopted. The Russian attempt was referred to as “hypocritical” by the Deputy United States Ambassador Robert Wood, who stated that Moscow aimed to “divert attention from its dangerous efforts to place a nuclear weapon in orbit through this initiative.” It was in February when the White House gave its assurances that Russia was working on a nuclear weapon that could destroy satellites. Moscow, however, denied these allegations.–%C3%87MIMI-I-LEHTIMIT/10666338

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