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The House passes an emergency funding proposal to delay the US shutdown.

By triji Mar 23, 2024

The document was approved by the House with 335 votes in favor and 91 votes against, and it must now be reviewed by the Senate. It ensures that the administration will continue to get funding for a period of forty-five days.

An emergency finance package was approved by the House of Representatives of the United States of America on September 30, a significant step in the direction of reversing the paralysis of the federal administration. This dramatic turn of events occurred just a few hours before the dreaded “shutdown” on September 30. Following the earlier proposal by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for a last-ditch effort to prevent the shutdown, which could only be approved with the cooperation of Democrats, the unexpected turn of events occurred.

To summarize, the document was approved with 335 votes in favor and 91 votes against, and it is now required to be submitted to the Senate. It ensures that the administration will continue to get funding for a period of forty-five days.

In the event that the legislation was not definitively adopted, it was anticipated that the greatest economy in the world will begin to slow down beginning on Sunday. This would result in the loss of wages for 1.5 million federal servants, disruptions to air traffic, and the closure of national parks to visitors.

As to the reason? The federal state budget is set to expire at midnight on the night of Saturday to Sunday, which is six a.m. Paris time. Neither chamber of Congress, the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, nor the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans, has yet succeeded in passing a budget measure to extend the budget. In order for this text to be adopted, it would need to be approved by both chambers.

Kevin McCarthy made a last-minute proposal for a solution on Saturday morning, against the backdrop of disputes not only between the two camps, but also between the conservatives themselves. I am requesting that Republicans and Democrats put their political differences aside and work together. Think about the people in the United States,” he encouraged the media.

An further clarification that he provided was that his proposal “does not include a budgetary component for Ukraine.” Initially, the White House had sought that the financing law that was ratified by elected officials include a total of twenty-four billion dollars in aid for Kyiv, both in terms of military and humanitarian assistance. Consequently, the fiscal crisis would have significant effects on the conflict that is taking place in Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, traveled to Congress the week before last in an effort to persuade the United States to assist him in crossing “the finish line” against Russia. He was aware of the possibility that the great American ally would become exhausted in the course of his efforts. The two sides are pointing the finger of blame at one another for this scenario, which is extremely unpopular among the American people. This is happening about a year before the presidential election.

There are certain members of Congress who are so hostile against one another that they are prepared to bring the government to a halt tonight. On Saturday, Joe Biden said on X (which was formerly known as Twitter) that this is “inacceptable.” Given the way that the negotiations are progressing behind the scenes, it looks that the release of cash that the Democrats have requested for Ukraine is becoming increasingly doubtful. As a result of their belief that these money ought to be directed to the management of the migrant situation in the United States, a small number of elected officials who are members of the Trumpist Republican party have refused to provide any further aid to Kiev.

Four months earlier, these lieutenants of Donald Trump, who have disproportionate influence due to the extremely tiny Republican majority in the House, had already pushed the United States to the verge of the political-financial abyss on the question of extending the debt ceiling.

This was the case because of the fact that the Republican majority in the House exists. Moreover, they were given orders by the former president, who might be running against Joe Biden in 2024, to “paralyze” the federal state unless they were successful in their argument over “all” of the budget concerns that are currently being discussed.

Having been elected at the expense of repeated conversations with the Trumpists, Mr. McCarthy even puts his seat in jeopardy during these negotiations on the line. He gave a resounding assurance on Saturday, saying, “You know what, if I have to risk my position to defend the American people, I will.” He went on to say, “If someone wants to fire [me] because I want to be the responsible adult from the room, let him try.”

The longest shutdown in the history of the United States of America occurred during the winter of 2018-2019, when Donald Trump was serving as president of the United States.

After that, the gross domestic product of the nation was reduced by more than three billion dollars, according to a number of estimations. A few hours before the deadline, the nation is going through the process of getting ready for a new whole or partial shutdown of services. Those in authority started receiving information about the approaching paralysis.

Many of the most well-known national parks in the United States, such as Yosemite and Yellowstone, will be shut down. It is also anticipated that there would be a significant disruption in air traffic due to the fact that officials from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and air traffic controllers will be impacted. Additionally, there is a possibility that some users of food aid will be temporarily refused it.

According to a note written by economists at Goldman Sachs, each week of the closure might also cost 0.2 percent of growth to the gross domestic product of the United States during the fourth quarter.



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