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The prequel ‘Furiosa’ cannot match ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.

By triji May 18, 2024

Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth are one step behind in the hierarchy. In addition to Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron

In order for ‘Furiosa: From the Mad Max Saga’ to be successful, all of the stars were brought together. To begin, the most crucial thing is that George Miller, who has been in charge of the tale since 1979, is on board with the project. Neither the original trilogy, which included Mel Gibson as the director and consisted of three indisputable classics of apocalyptic science fiction, nor its reformulation in ‘Fury Road’, which is considered to be one of the most significant milestones of the gender in recent years, has failed to disappoint us. This is due to the fact that it has been present.

As we proceeded, we had a cast that was comparable. Okay, we would not contemplate the return of that overwhelming duo that was Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, but we would have Anya Taylor-Joy (one of the young actresses most devoted to risk when it comes to choosing her roles and giving them life) returning to a young Imperator Furiosa; and Chris Hemsworth as his nemesis, Dementus (who in films like ‘Tyler Rake’, ‘ Spiderhead ‘ and ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ has shown that he feels great about moving away from the Thor that made him famous).

And finally, the film appeared to be entirely in line with its predecessor in terms of its aesthetic: we would have extremely violent chases through deserts with scorching tones, warlords ruling inconceivable constructions, famous automobiles, and comic book brutality. On the other hand, there is a failure in the overall process, which can be summed up in the fact that “Fury Road” was a cinematic monument of such a high quality that it is difficult to capture the lightning twice.

The reason for this is that, in general, everything is in place: we have a plot that has been constructed to justify insane chases in a straight line, with a plethora of artillery and outrageous stunts. However, something is wrong from the very concept: the greatness of the characters in ‘Fury Road’ was that George Miller’s audacity in not wanting to give information about them worked in his favor: how did Furiosa reach the domains of Immortan Joe, how has she lost her arm, why is she immensely more aggressive and drives better than Max himself?

It is precisely for the sake of explaining all of that that ‘Furiosa’ is an excuse; that is, it is to play against its established precedent. It could be said that George Miller is betting on risk, but that is not the case: except for the occasional innovation in certain scenes (the western touch of the first chapter, the healthy abstraction of the end), Miller recycles staging ideas from the first movie, but it has low intensity and decibels. It is sufficient for you to observe that one of the most important scenes in the movie is an exact replica of the breathtaking climax that was featured in the film “Mad Max 2.” ‘Fury Road’ was nothing like anything else, and ‘Furiosa’ seemed to be too similar to itself.

Then, are we going to be in for a disaster? Miller continues to shoot the action at a pace that practically all blockbuster films in the business would already like to have. Not even slightly. Constant staging ideas and a cartoonish touch that favors brainlessness and fun are present throughout the entire production. To put it another way, this is a fantastic prequel show, but it is not iconic. Even if nobody anticipated it, it has been quite enjoyable to fantasize about it for a long now.

After the success of “Max Mad: Fury Road,” which was released in 2015 and grossed more than $380 million at box offices around the world, “Furiosa” depicts the narrative of how one of the primary characters from “Fury Road,” Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, came to be.

Over the course of fifteen years, “Furiosa” follows the titular woman, who is now portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy, as she embarks on a terrifying adventure into the Wasteland and ultimately transforms into a fearsome War Rig driver. Now that the film has been shown for the first time in the world at the Cannes Film Festival, here are some of the things that critics are saying about the film, including their opinions on the performances of Chris Hemsworth and Taylor-Joy, as well as whether or not it is on par with the extremely popular “Fury Road.”

It is well known that the “Mad Max” genre is famed for its daring stunts and action sequences, and critics believe that there are many more to appreciate in “Furiosa.” “The movie is teemingly, sprawlingly, phantasmagorically ambitious,” commented reviewer Owen Gleiberman of Variety. He also stated that the film “contains a handful of awesome action moments.”

“The mammoth scale and vision of Miller continue to delight, and ‘Furiosa’ absolutely deserves to be seen as big and loud as possible, a feat of technical prowess and cinematic ambition that only comes along once every few years (if we’re lucky!),” Hannah Strong of Little White Lies stated in her review.

It has been stated that Taylor-Joy, who plays the major role in the film, has only about thirty lines of dialogue in the picture. However, the fact that the primary character is silent should not come as a surprise to anyone who is a fan of the franchise. Both Mel Gibson, who portrayed the original Mad Max, and Tom Hardy, who played Max in “Fury Road,” were quite reserved in their dialogue.

Some people believe that Taylor-Joy’s inability to speak draws attention to her other characteristics.

“[Taylor-Joy] is phenomenal,” according to the writer John Nugent of Empire, “her big, intense eyes standing out starkly against her engine-oil-smeared forehead, emoting subtly in a dialogue-light role.”

“The virtuosity of Miller’s approach is so arresting that you might not even notice how seldom Furiosa actually speaks; like Charlize Theron before — or after? — her, Taylor-Joy conveys so much strength and desperation through the whites of her eyes alone that words would only cheapen the unparalleled purity of her purpose,” according to IndieWire’s writer David Ehrlich.

Warlord Dementus, the next outrageous and incredibly buff villain in the franchise, is portrayed by Hemsworth, who plays the snarly, bearded enemy of the franchise.

“He’s never had a villain showcase quite like this before, and what’s so striking about it is how merciless it is; even with the occasional dropped hint at his tragic backstory, there’s never a question of redemption for Dementus,” according to Liz Shannon Miller’s article in Consequence. “It’s genuinely fearless work.”–664893fe8c116#goto6988

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