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The US probes cyber-connected smart car threats.

By triji Mar 1, 2024

Thursday marked the day when the United States of America made the announcement that it will be initiating an investigation into the potential security threats posed by smart automobiles that utilize technology from nations such as China.

An announcement was made by Vice President Joe Biden of the United States of America, stating that he has given the Department of Commerce the instruction to initiate an inquiry in order to establish what steps should be done to ensure that automobiles on the roads of the United States would not compromise the national security of the country.

“Most cars today are connected to the web — they’re like smartphones on wheels,” Vice President Joe Biden said in a statement following the announcement. “Smart cars from China are able to collect essential data on our citizens and our infrastructure, and they are able to send this data to the People’s Republic of China. These cars are connected to our phones, navigation systems, and vital infrastructure, as well as the firms that manufactured them.

In a telephone conversation with reporters, senior officials from the United States said that they do not have an exact number of automobiles linked to countries that are of concern to the United States, but they did say that the amount is very tiny.

“Most of the time, it is associated with automobiles that are manufactured in China by Chinese businesses. “On the roads of the United States of America today, there are quite a few automobiles of this type,” stated an official.

The United States government has stated that there would be no restrictions or tariffs imposed at this time; nevertheless, the work will concentrate more on gathering information to determine whether elements of the market can be subject to additional regulations.

“We emphasize that it is important to take action before a large number of such cars are on American roads,” stated a government spokesperson. “With the rapid growth of the Chinese car export market and the establishment of a presence in other countries, including European countries, it is important to assess the risk to national security now.”

Technologies that are able to capture and transmit data that can be used for nefarious purposes are ones that will garner the greatest attention. These technologies include devices and software that are installed in automobiles.

An official stated that the potential concerns ranged from privacy concerns, such as the content of SMS or email messages linked to the system of the car via the driver’s phone, to a possible scenario in which an entity in Beijing could disable hundreds of thousands of Chinese smart cars that are currently operating on the roads of the United States.

According to Reuters, the White House published an announcement on Thursday, February 29, stating that the United States is initiating an inquiry to determine whether or not Chinese “smart cars” pose a threat to the nation’s security. Additionally, the investigation may result in limits owing to concerns regarding “connected” car technology, as stated by the administration of Vice President Joe Biden.

The investigation is going to be handled by the Department of Commerce of the United States. Because automobiles “collect large amounts of sensitive data on their drivers and passengers,” officials in the United States are concerned about the safety of the vehicles. Additionally, according to the White House, the cars are equipped with cameras and sensors that are able to record specific information regarding the infrastructure of the United States.

The United States Department of Commerce has issued a warning that vehicles manufactured in China have the potential to be “piloted or disabled remotely.” Reuters reports that the investigation will also look into vehicles that are capable of driving themselves.

An examination is being conducted at a time when there is a spike in the popularity of high-tech automobiles manufactured by Chinese automakers such as BYD around the world. On the other hand, according to a statement released by the White House, Vice President Joe Biden stated that it is too early to declare what actions might be taken.

Regarding the investigation being conducted by the White House, China is not providing a lot of information. Nevertheless, it has been claimed that Chinese officials have stated that it is unfair to target a particular nation.

The supply chain for electric vehicle batteries is also apparently dominated by China. Meanwhile, Reuters claimed that the United States is attempting to discover a way to construct an electric vehicle battery supply that does not involve China.

It is not the first time that officials from the United States have expressed concern regarding automobiles that are built in China. During the month of November, a number of senators from both parties expressed their concern on the testing of autonomous vehicles in the United States by Chinese companies, which may potentially capture sensitive data.

Biden has now joined the chorus of people who are concerned about the state of security.

“What is the rationale behind allowing connected vehicles from China to operate in our country without any safeguards?” According to Biden.

The Department of Commerce has stated that there will be a sixty-day period during which the public can provide feedback, and after that, it will take into consideration any new regulations that are required to be implemented. According to the department, businesses based in the United States are not exempt from the regulations. Automakers in the United States are required to provide information regarding their assembled fleets within the country, and they will be asked to reveal the locations where they license their software.

An study into intelligent vehicles has been launched one week after the government of Vice President Joe Biden declared its intention to replace cranes produced in China at national ports. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the administration is putting billions of dollars into the project in the hopes of stopping China from hacking into the systems of the cranes.’–65e1a02d0cd18#goto4988

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