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This disgusting Spanish-style extreme tension thriller

By triji Jun 15, 2024

Few films, including “As bestas” by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, are able to handle stress to the fullest extent.

As soon as Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s “As Bestas” was made available on Netflix, it shot straight to the top of the list of the most watched films in Spain. The phrase “In the depths of the Seine” is located specifically at number 2, below only another bomb that is located on the platform. As a result of its perfect combination of suspense, rural horror, and extreme drama, Sorogoyen was awarded nine Goya awards and a César, which is the French equivalent of the honor for winning the title of Best Foreign Film.

The reason for this most recent award is the intriguing connection that the film has with France, despite the fact that it was produced in Spain. The film was initially released in France, where it was met with tremendous success. Additionally, the two protagonists, Denis Ménochet and Marina Foïs, who are Frenchmen, were required to learn Spanish in order to play the roles of the protagonist couple. Despite this, Luis Zahera, the irritable local who makes the decision to make life difficult for his neighbors, is the one who truly dominates the show.

In the novel “As Bestas,” the protagonists are a French couple who relocate to a little village in Galicia with the intention of cultivating the land and living a quiet life. On the other hand, his arrival generates difficulties with the people, particularly with a pair of brothers, notably because of a disagreement on the law. But what starts off as simple hostility eventually develops into a violent conflict between the two parties.

The film deals with a number of topics, including culture shock and xenophobia, and it does so in the context of a terrifying thriller, in which everything seems to be on the verge of exploding. In Spanish cinema, the “emptied Spain” is typically shown in a positive light; however, this film reveals its worst side to us in a story that, in reality, does not matter where it is set. The story of how biases and a lack of understanding lead to violence is one of the oldest stories in the world. They occur in the places where they occur.

We have everything you need to satisfy your desire to watch some of the most riveting entertainment from the comfort of your own home. This is the reason that many of us go to the movies (or watch them from the couch): we want to experience something. As a suspenseful white-knuckler, there aren’t many photographs that can make you respond quite like that.

Netflix is home to a digital collection of suspenseful thrillers that are of the highest quality. We have compiled the absolute best of the greatest. On this list, we have included a wide variety of films, ranging from thrilling action movies to tense political stories to thrillers that contain aspects of horror.

It is one of the rare films you will ever watch that blurs the boundary between supernatural dread and the horrors of the real world. Babak Anvari’s debut feature film is a chiller that is both masterfully made and genuinely disturbing. Narges Rashidi plays the role of Shideh, a medical student who is excluded from her studies because to her engagement in revolutionary politics. The story takes place in Tehran in the 1980s during The War of the Cities, which is the backdrop of Anvari’s own youth filled with fear. Shideh is burdened with the responsibility of protecting their small daughter Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) as the violence and explosions grow around them. This responsibility comes after Shideh’s husband leaves for the front lines. As if things couldn’t possibly get much worse, Shideh and Dorsa are suddenly visited by a malevolent genie. It doesn’t appear that things could get any worse.

In this picture, the performances are intense, and the filmmaking is flawless; it conjures up a war-torn Iran that is almost claustrophobic to witness. Anvari was raised in a society in which videocassette recorders (VCRs) and videocassette tapes (VHS) were considered illegal. His debut is made with the kind of passion for film that cannot be quantified in any way. However, despite the fact that the otherworldly horrors are effective, they are never nearly as terrifying as Shideh’s reality, which appears to be Anvari’s purpose. Mark Kermode, a renowned cinema critic from the United Kingdom, deemed this low-budget masterpiece to be the greatest film of 2016, and it is not something that should be missed.

In this original production from Netflix, directed by Daniel Goldhaber, the story follows an adult webcam performer who comes to the realization that a malevolent spirit has taken over her spot on the internet. Cam contains a number of incidents that are extremely terrifying, and it investigates the topic of sex work with the appropriate amount of care and consideration. In particular, it highlights the fact that Madeline Brewer, who plays numerous characters on screen at the same time in The Handmaid’s Tale, gives a lead performance that is so impressive that it gets people talking. Cam is frequently an investigation of shattered identity, which is something that is not restricted to the realm of adult entertainment. This is made possible by an insightful script written by Isa Mazzei, who was a real-life former cam girl. Cam makes a few mistakes in the conclusion, but it is packed with ideas that are thought-provoking, and Brewer absolutely blows your mind.

Jessie Buckley starred in Charlie Kaufman’s darkly comedic psychological thriller a year after she astonished us with her performance in Wild Rose, in which she played a Scottish bad girl who turned into a country singer. The plot of I’m Thinking of Ending Things, which is based on a novel published in 2016 with the same name, follows a young couple as they travel together. Even while it is possible that the movie is a touch too clever for its own good, it is still an engaging puzzle movie that is well worth watching.

A performance that is of career-high quality from the always-good Carla Gugino is the main character in the original Netflix production directed by Mike Flanagan. The film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about a lady who finds herself shackled to a bed in the middle of nowhere after her husband passes away. The level of ick factor is strong, and this is pure psychological dread with a lofty idea. It is not spooky, but it is riveting otherwise.

The debut supernatural horror film by Remi Weekes is a critically lauded work that follows South Sudanese immigrants as they adjust to a dangerous life in a little village in Europe. The Babadook and Under the Shadow are two examples of works of dramatic art that are considered to be horror. This is not a collection of objects that suddenly appear and go boo. The portrayal of the real-world subject matter is twisted and terrible, and the stars, Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu, deliver a performance that is truly remarkable.–healthcare/10683545–666d3bb2c43bb#goto8093

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