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Kate Winslet discusses the “Titanic” kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Winslet did not hold back when it came to discussing the iconic scene from the film Titanic, in which her character kisses Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack while they are standing at the front of the famous ship. In an interview with Vanity Fair that was published this week, Winslet stated that the kiss “wasn’t as good as it’s cracked up to be.”

“My God, he is such a romantic, isn’t he?” she exclaimed as she proceeded to review the scene. “No wonder all the girls in the world wanted to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Winslet stated that there were a few elements that made the process of filming this sequence more difficult. The most significant of these was the fact that she was entrusted with touching up her and Leonardo DiCaprio’s makeup in between takes. This was due to the fact that the crew was unable to reach them more readily or more swiftly. Then there was the kiss, which turned into a “disaster” when the two different tones of makeup that they were wearing were blended.

“So we kept kissing… and I ended up looking like I’d been sucking on a candy bar after each take because her makeup was coming off all over me,” she explained in detail.

In point of fact, Kate Winslet referred to the process of recording this particular sequence as a “nightmare” due to the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio “couldn’t stop laughing” and that she “couldn’t breathe in that damn corset” that she was also wearing.

In the end, the critically acclaimed film that James Cameron directed in 1997 went on to become one of the most well-liked and commercially successful movies of all time.

“I think it’s that movie that continues to make people talk,” he says in response. “Whole generations of people are discovering the movie or seeing it for the first time, and there’s something extraordinary about that.”

ate Winslet warmly remembered about the time she spent with Leonardo DiCaprio in the production of one of the most iconic scenes from the blockbuster film Titanic, which was released in 1997. The classic “I’m flying” sequence, in which Winslet’s character Rose DeWitt Bukater experiences a love moment with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack Dawson, was the subject of an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which Winslet discussed the difficulties and humorous situations that emerged during the production of the scene.

Fans all across the world were enthralled by the electric chemistry that existed between Jack and Rose, two characters who came from quite different socioeconomic backgrounds. The experience of recording their kiss was characterized by Winslet as being both charming and shockingly hilarious.

Are you kidding me? He’s quite the romantic, isn’t he? Oh my God! In retrospect, Kate Winslet chuckled as she recalled that it was not surprising that every young girl in the world desired to be kissed by Leonardo DiCaprio. She was eager to point out, however, that the reality of filming was not quite as glamorous as it appeared. According to her admission, “It was not all that it was cracked up to be.”

The numerous takes, according to Winslet, were less about romance and more about pragmatism than they were about romance. “We continued to kiss each other over and over again, and I have a lot of light makeup on.” After each take, I would end up looking like I had been sucking on a caramel chocolate bar because his makeup would come off on me. I would have to do our makeup checks—on both of us—between takes, and I would finish up looking like I had been sucking on a chocolate bar.

In addition, the actress brought attention to the significant technical challenges that they encountered, particularly with regard to the lighting and the location of the action. “It was a nightmare,” she remarked, adding that they had to shoot the sequence numerous times owing to the fluctuating light conditions. “It was a nightmare.” “Leo couldn’t stop laughing, and we had to reshoot this about four times because director James Cameron wanted a very specific light, and the sunsets kept changing,” the director said.

Another obstacle that needed to be overcome was the set itself, which was a separate component of the naval vessel. We were required to ascend a ladder in order to reach it. “We were unable to receive our hair and makeup,” Winslet pointed out. She also divulged a truth about Leonardo DiCaprio’s appearance that was kept hidden from the public: “Leo looks completely natural, but he had to lie on sunbeds and there’s a lot of fake tan makeup going on.”

Winslet acknowledged her delight in the picture, which went on to win 11 Academy Awards, including the award for Best Picture, despite the difficulties that were encountered. She expressed her contentment by saying, “I do feel very proud of it because I feel that it is that film that just keeps giving.” “There is something truly remarkable about the fact that people of completely different generations are either discovering the film for the first time or watching it for the very first time.”

The remarkable performances of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as the magic that they generated on screen, have ensured that “Titanic” will continue to be regarded as a beloved classic.

Kate Winslet has revealed the reasons why the hot moment was actually a failure, shedding light on what it was truly like to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio in the classic scene from Titanic that depicts the sunset.

Kate Winslet has claimed that the memorable on-screen kiss she shared with Leonardo DiCaprio during a hot scene sequence on the Titanic was anything but romantic. The moment took place above the bow of the boat.

Both Winslet, now 48 years old, and Leonardo DiCaprio, now 49 years old, captivated audiences with their portrayal of the starry-eyed Rose and Jack in the 1997 picture. At the time, the now-award-winning icons were just 22 and 21 years old.

On the boat, the famous “Jack, I’m flying” kissing sequence from the James Cameron film that was released in December of that year continues to captivate people all around the world even after 27 years have passed.–666c086aeb5d1#goto8067

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