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Three killed in Gulf of Aden Houthi raid

By triji Mar 7, 2024

According to the Central Command of the United States Armed Forces, three members of the crew of a merchant ship that was attacked by Houthi rebels with missiles on Wednesday in the Gulf of Aden were murdered.

Since they began striking international shipping channels in the middle of November of last year, Houthi rebels who are supported by Iran have carried out their first strike that resulted in a fatality. According to Central Command, this was the fifth missile of its kind that the Houthis had fired in the past two days.

A fire broke out in the captain’s cabin of the Liberian-owned and Barbados-flagged carrier True Confidence after the missile struck it, according to officials from the defense department who spoke with VOA.

According to officials from the defense department, the attack resulted in the injuries of four individuals, three of whom were in critical condition, and the crew of the ship, which consisted of 23 individuals from different countries, was compelled to evacuate ship.

The Philippines announced on Thursday that two of the victims in the attack were Filipinos, and that two people were injured as a result of the attack.

An official stated that a cruiser from the United States, the USS Philippine Sea, attempted to assist in the rescue attempts. He also stated that an Indian ship was the first vessel to arrive at the location.

As of the middle of November, the Houthi rebels had been responsible for the destruction of over a dozen commercial vessels through the use of drones or missiles. One of the ships was a cargo ship that was headed for Iran, while another was an assistance ship that was carrying grain that was destined for Yemen. After being damaged in an attack by the Houthis a month ago, the MV Rubymar, which was carrying synthetic fertilizer, sank over the weekend.

According to statements made by Stephane Dujarric, a spokesperson for the United Nations, on Wednesday, “We are seeing risks to property, life, and ecology in the area from these ongoing activities.” “We call on the Houthis to end all attacks against international shipping in the Red Sea,” added the ambassador.

Since about the middle of January, a coalition consisting of the United States of America and the United Kingdom has been working to protect the region from attacks by the Houthis.

The United States and British forces have conducted repeated coordinated operations against them, and the United States has carried out strikes on a nearly daily basis in order to destroy the militants’ missiles and drones.

Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder, a spokesman for the Pentagon, responded to a question posed by VOA on Tuesday about whether or not there was sufficient military presence in the region surrounding the Red Sea to prevent the assaults. He stated that the United States possesses “a significant amount of capability in the region.”

However, the United States is not the only country involved. We will continue to collaborate with our partners and allies, and there is no doubt that we will continue to collaborate with them as we continue to require more,” he added.

On Tuesday, the militants launched yet another assault with the intention of destroying the United States Navy destroyer USS Carney, which was participating in the fight against the rebels. According to the Central Command of the United States Armed Forces, the ship was responsible for the destruction of drones that were armed with bombs and a ballistic missile.

In addition, the United States carried out airstrikes, which resulted in the destruction of three suicide drone boats and three anti-ship missiles, according to the command.

According to statements made by the rebels who are supported by Iran, their actions are a display of solidarity with the Hamas administration found in Gaza.

Yahya Saree, a spokesman for the Houthi rebels, issued a pre-recorded audio in which he claimed responsibility for the strike that occurred on Wednesday. Only when “the curfew of the Palestinian people in Gaza is lifted” will the insurgent attacks come to an end, according to what he claimed.

On October 7, terrorists affiliated with Hamas carried out a heinous attack that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Israelis. Israel has responded by conducting an operation in the Gaza Strip to eradicate Hamas, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.

According to the United States military, a Houthi missile attack on a merchant ship in the Gulf of Aden has resulted in the deaths of at least three seafarers. This marks the first fatalities that have been reported since the Iran-aligned Yemeni group began attacking shipping in one of the busiest sea lanes in the world in response to Israel’s war on Gaza.

The Houthis have asserted that they are responsible for the incident that took place on Wednesday. The ship True Confidence, which was owned by Liberia and flown under the flag of Barbados, was set ablaze around 50 nautical miles (93 kilometers) off the coast of the port of Aden in Yemen.

The Central Command of the United States Armed Forces said that there were “significant damage to the ship” in addition to “three fatalities, at least four injuries, of which three are in critical condition.”

The ship’s bridge and the cargo that was on board were both seen in two aerial photographs that were provided by the United States military.

“These reckless attacks by the Houthis have disrupted global trade and taken the lives of international seafarers simply doing their jobs,” stated Central Command. “These jobs are some of the most difficult jobs in the world, and they are the ones that the global public relies on for the maintenance of supply chains.”

At an earlier time on Wednesday, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) agency announced that the crew had abandoned the vessel because they were no longer in command of it.

The incident was claimed by a Houthi military spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, in a taped message. He stated that the vessel was set ablaze by the missile fire that was fired from the missiles.

In his statement, he stated that the strikes by the rebels will not cease until the “siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza is lifted.”

Following the impact of the missile, the crew of the ship disembarked and made use of the lifeboats. According to The Associated Press news agency, a warship from the United States of America and a navy vessel from India were present at the area in an effort to aid in rescue efforts. According to the statement, it was not apparent how many members of the crew were on board at the time.

The United Nations has issued a call to the Houthis, urging them to “cease all attacks against international shipping in the Red Sea,” according to Stephane Dujarric, a spokesman for the United Nations. He expressed significant worry regarding the ongoing attacks, especially the most recent instance in which the status of the crew remains unknown.

In his statement, Dujarric stated that the attacks are posing a threat “to property, to life, and to ecology in the area.”

Since the middle of November, Houthi forces in Yemen have repeatedly launched drones and missiles on international commercial shipping. They have stated that they are acting in solidarity with Palestinians and in protest to Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip.

As a result of the Houthi strikes, worldwide shipping has been affected, and businesses have been forced to relocate their operations to take longer and more expensive routes around southern Africa.

Both companies reported in their joint statement that the True Confidence is owned by True Confidence Shipping, which is a corporation registered in Liberia, and that Third January Maritime, which is situated in Greece, is the company that operates the vessel. They stated that there was no connection between the ship and the United States.

In spite of this, Oaktree Capital Management, a fund based in Los Angeles that provides financing for vessels in installments, had previously owned it.


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