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Trump again threatened with jail for contempt of court

By triji May 7, 2024

On Monday, the judge who is presiding over the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump in New York threatened the former president of the United States with imprisonment once more for violating his prohibition against publicly abusing witnesses and jurors.

Prosecutors suggested that they were banking on around two more weeks to hear the remainder of the witnesses in this unusual trial for a former president of the United States of America. This was stated at the end of a new day of discussions.

Once again condemning “electoral interference,” the Republican candidate for the presidential election that will take place in November versus the Democratic candidate who would be leaving office, Joe Biden, expressed his indignation by saying, “They want two or three more weeks.”

As an additional point of interest, he stated, “And the judge is happy to give them three more weeks because they all want to keep me away from the campaign.”

“for violating his order by making public comments about the jury and how it was selected,” Judge Juan Merchan imposed a $1,000 fine on Donald Trump at the beginning of the hearing in the morning, according to the written ruling that he issued. In addition to that, he cautioned him that any forthcoming infractions would be “punishable by incarceration.”

During the course of the interview, the defendant voiced his disapproval of the jury selection process, which was completed in a week, as well as the assumed composition of the panel, which was conducted in a city that is overwhelmingly Democratic.

As a result of his numerous appeals, Donald Trump is attempting to delay the trial as much as possible. He is currently being investigated in four distinct criminal procedures.

This trial in New York, which is on a smaller scale, particularly when compared to his prosecution by federal justice in Washington for criminal attempts to overturn the results of the presidential election in 2020, which Joe Biden won, could therefore be the only one that is tried before the election on November 5.

The check stubs
In this particular case, he is being tried for 34 falsifications of accounting records that would have been used to conceal a payment of 130,000 dollars. Due to the fact that he is being accused of these crimes, he runs the danger of being found guilty and, in theory, receiving a prison sentence.

In the last stretch of the presidential election in 2016, which was won by Hillary Clinton by a razor-thin margin, this sum was used to buy the quiet of former porn actress Stormy Daniels regarding a sexual connection she claimed to have had with the real estate mogul in 2006.

An affair that Donald Trump, who was already married to Melania Trump at the time, firmly denies having had.

Michael Cohen, who was his attorney at the time, used a front company to transmit the sum of $130,000 to the defendant. Expenses that were disguised as “legal costs” were reimbursed by the holding company of the billionaire, the Trump Organization, in the year 2017. This led to the prosecution for falsification of accounting papers.

The trial has been going on since it began on April 15, and it has alternated between dry, extremely technical sequences and moments of legal drama.

During the hearing that took place on Friday, Hope Hicks, who had previously served as the communications manager for Donald Trump, shed tears as she detailed the “crisis” that occurred when an old audio of the billionaire’s crude remarks about women was released.

Jeffrey McConney, a director of the Trump Organization, provided a detailed explanation of the terms of the reimbursement of Michael Cohen, which was the primary focus of that which took place on Monday. After thereafter, Deborah Tarasoff, who worked in the accounting department of the Trump Organization, took over as the leader of the organization. She provided specific information regarding two check stubs, each of which was worth $35,000.

Last week, Judge Merchan issued a fine of $9,000, which is equivalent to $1,000 for each offense, against Donald Trump for publicly assaulting witnesses and jurors on the sidelines of his trial. Judge Merchan had previously threatened to send Trump to prison in the event that he committed another offense.

Michael Cohen, who has turned against him and is cooperating with the prosecution, and the jurors, whose impartiality he questions, are the objects of the former president’s special attacks.

In the event that he were to win another election, he would have the ability to, once he was invested in January 2025, order the dismissal of the two federal proceedings that are currently being brought against him. These proceedings are being brought in Washington, as well as in Florida (southeast), where he is being prosecuted for allegedly having management casual access to classified documents after he left the White House.

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