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Turkey is part of the Black Sea mine-clearing pact.

By triji Mar 17, 2024

Together with Bulgaria and Romania, Turkey has joined the effort to remove mines from the Black Sea. This would make it simpler for Ukrainian grain to be sent to markets across the world.

On the basis of an international agreement, the Turkish government is putting up a fight against proposals to let mine-sweeping ships from NATO into the country. The Montreux Convention, which was signed in 1936, stipulates that the only way to reach the Black Sea is by way of the Bosphorus Strait near Istanbul.

However, accidents involving cargo ships that occur near sea mines are drawing attention to the mounting dangers that are posed to one of the most significant marine routes for the export of food and oil.

Tayfun Ozberk, a former officer in the Turkish navy who is currently employed as a military analyst, provides an explanation for the reasons why accidents involving transport ships occur.

The equipment that merchant ships need to detect mines from a distance is not available to them. Mines are partially covered in water, and by the time ships discover them, it is already too late to do anything about them.

As reported by VOA, analysts believe that removing the danger posed by mines would be a huge help to Ukraine’s efforts to export grain to global markets following the failure of the agreement with Russia that was mediated by Turkey and the United Nations.

The assertion that Russia is unable to ensure the safety of ships is being seen as a threat to Ukrainian exports, according to analysts.

However, on the other hand, Ankara is hoping that the heightened protection for Ukrainian ships will act as a catalyst for Moscow to return to the deal about the sale of grain.

ISTANBUL, January 11 (Reuters) – Turkey Following months of discussions between the NATO allies, Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria came to an agreement on Thursday over a coordinated plan to clear mines that are floating in the Black Sea as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Yasar Guler, the Minister of Defense of Turkey, Angel Tilvar, the Minister of Defense of Romania, and Atanas Zapryanov, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, signed a memorandum of understanding in Istanbul to establish a trilateral initiative to clear the explosives.

“Since the beginning of the conflict, there has been an increase in the danger posed by surface mines in the Black Sea. “In order to combat it, we came to an agreement to establish a task group for countermeasures against mines in the Black Sea,” Guler stated during the signing ceremony.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, sea mines have presented a threat to Ukraine’s export routes across the Black Sea. Several commercial ships have been struck by sea mines, including a bulk carrier that was en route to the River Danube port in December to load grain.

According to a statement made by an official from the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the project will also include the assignment of one command control ship and three minehunting ships from each country.

According to Guler, the naval commanders of the three nations will come together to form a committee that will be in charge of the operation. He also mentioned that the committee may include additional Black Sea states once the conflict in Ukraine is resolved.

Despite the fact that Turkey will only allow ships from the “three littoral allied countries” to participate in this program, Guler stated that Turkey considered the possible contributions to this endeavor by NATO members that are not in the Black Sea to be “valuable.”

Last week, Turkey said that it would not permit two minehunter ships that had been provided to Ukraine by the United Kingdom to pass through its waters on their way to the Black Sea. This decision was made because it would be in violation of the Montreux Convention of 1936, which is an international agreement that governs the passage of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits during times of conflict.

“As Turkey, we have implemented the Montreux Convention carefully, responsibly and impartially, which ensures the balance in the Black Sea,” Guler stated in his statement.

Dylan White, a spokesperson for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, expressed his approval of the agreement in a post on social media site X. He stated that the accord was “an important contribution toward greater freedom of navigation and food security from the region and beyond.”

at the process of finalizing the project, defense ministers from the three countries that border the Black Sea met in Brussels in October of the previous year and in Ankara in November to discuss the mine clearing plan. These discussions took place at the NATO meeting.

Ankara, which maintains strong relations with both Kyiv and Moscow, is also working with the United Nations, Ukraine, and Russia to resurrect the Black Sea grain initiative, which Moscow abandoned exactly one year ago. Despite the fact that there have been no public signs of progress on those negotiations, Ankara is striving to restore the program.

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